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Castle Wolfenstein: Before DOOM & Quake

Ok I've got this imagination to tell and how it strangely connects Wolfenstein with Doom and Quake. This "fan-game-fiction" is an imaginative conduit that leads to the events of not only the dark alternate future of Wolfenstein (The New World Order) but also the sci-fi future of Doom and Quake.
It's here where Agent B.J. Blazkowicz joins a various resistance factions in their chaotic struggle against both Nazis and the interdimensional paranormal creatures of other worlds bent on corruptive, enslaving and dominating the Earth.
Here's how this tale goes:
A story taking place after the events of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and before the events of Wolfenstein (2009), where Nazi cultists (or possibly servants of the Thule Society and the SS Paranormal Division) whom seeking means of making the Nazi Empire stronger than ever, by calling upon the eldritch horrors from the dark realms of both the deep south of fiery inferno and Chaos itself. 
As the cultists acquires a tome called the Black Bible (a lookalike of the Necronomicon) and uses it along with mass sacrifices committedd for the dark rituals, summons Hell on Earth. Awakening the dead, spawn legions of Hellspawn, interdimensional creatures of darkness, and living nightmares of the various bizarre worlds of the Antiverse.
The Creatures that the Nazi Cultists have summoned are not true allies of the Nazis as these darkspawn are the true essence of chaotic evil and malevolence intent. But the cultists are willing to serve the hellish dark lords as means of bringing the Nazis and the Fiends together in defeating the Allied Forces and the Soviet Union as means of winning World War II for the Nazis. Even allowing Nazi scientists, engineers, and technicians to experiment on the monsters, giving the soldiers extra power and crafting mechanized cyborgs from both Nazi Troopers and the monsters.
The horrors will continue expand unless someone or something puts an end to it and as such the Office of Secret Actions assigns B.J. Blazkowicz into hunting down the source of the demonic madness of the Nazi Cabal's intent and saving the world from the evils of Hell, Darkness, and Chaos. 
What do you think of this "game"?
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