Animated Übermutant
Übermutant, as he appears in Spear of Destiny.

Animated Mac Übermutant
Übermutant, as he appears in Mac Family ports.

HP 1050/1150/1250/1400[1]
Speed 3000
Pain? No
Sprite number 349-361
Waking sound None
Points 5000
Weapon Chain Gun (hitscan)
Weapon sound NAZIFIRESND

The Übermutant (name often Anglicized to Ubermutant) is the third boss of Spear of Destiny, appearing in level 16. He is an improved mutant and Dr. Schabbs' ultimate creation, armed with a Chain Gun integrated into his chest and four cleaver-wielding hands. The Übermutant is originally locked up in a cage. Like conventional Mutants, the Übermutant does not shout or announce his presence upon seeing the player. He also ties with the Dogs as the fastest-moving enemy in the series. The Übermutant fires five bullets per volley (the cleavers are apparently just for show). The damage calculation done by him is different from other bosses. After defeat, he screams before falling to ground and dropping a gold key.

In the Mac Family, the Übermutant wears a brown suit instead of green and barks like a dog when he engages the player (note that the SNES port uses mutant rats instead of dogs). In the mission packs, The Axe takes his place.


Castle NurembergEdit

The Übermutant is the boss of Level 16 of Castle.He is locked in a cage,which is only accesible by a locked door.

2nd EncounterEdit

After rocking the Nazi War Machine and defeating the forces of Dr. Schabb's Research Laboratory. However, the Fuehrer's insane plan continued forward unceasingly. B.J. is sent to East Prussia to the infamous Wolf's Lair, Hitler's war room. There, the german General Staff kept all its plans.

Guarding the plans was the Hideous masterpiece of Doctor Schabbs, the Übermutant. it existed only to protect of the interests of the Nazi menace. He was ordered to obtain the plans, for doing so the free world owed B.J. a great debt.

Tactical analysis Edit

For strategic details on how to take care of the Übermutant, see the specific page for the level in which he occurs: Spear of Destiny/Floor 16

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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