While playing through the campaign of Wolfenstein: The New Order, players will be able to unlock certain achievements that serve as minor rewards for accomplishing certain tasks. Most achievements are tied to perk progression, and are awarded as soon as the player unlocks their associated upgrade(s).

Wolfenstein: The New Order has 50 achievements (PC, X360, XONE) and 51 trophies (PS3, PS4) to unlock.

Achievement listEdit


Gunner Gunner
Save allied planes.
Fergus saved Fergus saved
Choose to save Fergus.
Wyatt saved Wyatt saved
Choose to save Wyatt.
Vive la Resistance! Vive la Resistance!
Locate the resistance.
Power to the laser Power to the laser
Find the LaserKraftWerk.
Hidden in the deep Hidden in the deep
Locate the underwater stash.
London uprising London uprising
Defeat the London Monitor.
Deliverance Deliverance
Release friend.
Liberation Liberation
Complete the game on any difficulty.
Super hero Super hero
Complete game on I AM DEATH INCARNATE! (or ÜBER).
Über hero Über hero
Complete game on ÜBER.

Collectibles & ExtrasEdit

All that glitters All that glitters
Collect 25 gold items.
Heart of gold Heart of gold
Collect all gold items.
The lives of others The lives of others
Collect all letters.
Secrets revealed I Secrets revealed I
Solve the first Enigma code.
Secrets revealed II Secrets revealed II
Solve the second Enigma code.
Secrets revealed III Secrets revealed III
Solve the third Enigma code.
Secrets revealed IV Secrets revealed IV
Solve the fourth Enigma code.


Scout I Scout I
Unlock stealth perk 1.
Knife throwing Knife throwing
Unlock stealth perk 2.
Knife sheath + Knife sheath +
Unlock stealth perk 3.
Knife sheath ++ Knife sheath ++
Unlock stealth perk 4.
Silent shot Silent shot
Unlock stealth perk 5.
Vampire Vampire
Unlock stealth perk 6.
Scout II Scout II
Unlock stealth perk 7.
Assassin Assassin
Unlock stealth perk 8.
Deadeye Deadeye
Unlock tactical perk 1.
Quick draw Quick draw
Unlock tactical perk 2.
Quick regeneration Quick regeneration
Unlock tactical perk 3.
Gun magazine + Gun magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 4.
Shotgun magazine + Shotgun magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 5.
AR magazine + AR magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 6.
Marksman magazine + Marksman magazine +
Unlock tactical perk 7.
Quick reload Quick reload
Unlock tactical perk 8.
Double reload Double reload
Unlock assault perk 1.
Endurance I Endurance I
Unlock assault perk 2.
Scavenger Scavenger
Unlock assault perk 3.
Bullet feeder Bullet feeder
Unlock assault perk 4.
Endurance II Endurance II
Unlock assault perk 5.
Autopanzer Autopanzer
Unlock assault perk 6.
LKW battery + LKW battery +
Unlock assault perk 7.
Dual-wield expert Dual-wield expert
Unlock assault perk 8.
Throwback Throwback
Unlock demolition perk 1.
Grenade pouch + Grenade pouch +
Unlock demolition perk 2.
Grenade pouch ++ Grenade pouch ++
Unlock demolition perk 3.
Bullseye Bullseye
Unlock demolition perk 4.
Rocket magazine + Rocket magazine +
Unlock demolition perk 5.
Vaporize Vaporize
Unlock demolition perk 6.
Sentinel Sentinel
Unlock demolition perk 7.
Hardened Hardened
Unlock demolition perk 8.


Note: PlayStation only.

Wolfenstein master Wolfenstein master
Collect all trophies.

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