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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler portrait
Actual Photo of Adolf Hitler.
Country of Origin Austria
Date of Birth April 20, 1889
Age 56
Height 1.73 meters (5'8" feet)
Weight Unknown
Sex Male
Nationality German
  • Soldier (Formerly)
  • Dictator of Nazi Germany
  • Fate Deceased (Suicide)
  • Beyond Castle Wolfenstein
  • Wolfenstein 3D
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Mentioned Only)
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (Mentioned Only)
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood(Mentioned Only)
  • Adolf Hitler is the dictator of Nazi Germany and an important figure in the Wolfenstein series.

    In the Wolfenstein series Edit

    Beyond Castle Wolfenstein Edit

    Adolf Hitler appears in Beyond Castle Wolfenstein as a main goal of an assassination attempt by the player inside his secret bunker (Wolf's Lair). This was based on a depiction of the real-life attempt on Hitler's life at Wolf's Lair on July 20, 1944.[1]

    The goal is to find a bomb and place it outside of the room where he is holding a meeting with officers. After that, the player has to escape, while the bunker is shown to be blown up. A "Wolfenstein Lore" section of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein manual refers to this, incorrectly attributing it to the previous installment in the series:

    "Silas Warner's classic Apple II game, Castle Wolfenstein, was released in 1983. The game was far from a 3D shooter, requiring more stealth than gunplay. The player's mission was to infiltrate Nazi headquarters in disguise, plant a bomb outside the door to Hitler's bunker, and make it out before the bomb exploded."[2]

    The events of Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, and its predecessor, Castle Wolfenstein, have no relation to any events depicted in the Wolfenstein games by Id Software later (although part of the same franchise[3]). This is not entirely true however, as the Spear of Destiny hintbook indicates that Beyond Castle Wolfenstein is concerned with an actual historical event (one of several attempts on Hitler's life, and actually an ultimately failed attempt at that, which Hitler survived). Id Software gained the rights to the original Wolfenstein franchise and many of the ideas in Wolfenstein 3D were based off of the previous games, and consulted Silas Warner before making Wolfenstein 3D (Silas Warner had little part in the Beyond Castle Wolfenstein sequel). Wolfenstein 3D's name is actually a nod to it both being in '3D' and also being the third game in the series.

    Wolfenstein 3D Edit

    Main article: Adolf Hitler (Wolf3D)

    There are multiple versions of accounts of attempts and attacks on Hitler according Wolfenstein material, and via various game endings per the versions of the games. The official guides via backstories for the games even discuss his 'suicide' supposedly on April 28, 1945 (in reality he actually died April 30th). So between all the variations, the versions are not necessarily 'consistent'. Some sources place Wolfenstein 3D in early 1942/43/44 as a representation of one of the early attempts on Hitler's life, while others place it as late as February, 1945 (still earlier than his actual death in the Furherbunker). The Old Blood/New Order timeline may even place the attempt as late as 1946.

    Spear of Destiny & MissionsEdit

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    Hitler rises to power in the mid-1930s.

    During 1939, Nazi invasions begin in Europe. Nazi Tanks roll into France, Hitler's armies retrieve the Spear of Destiny from Versailles, and bring it to Castle Nuremburg

    The Totenkopf instituted by Heinrich Himmler becomes the symbol of recognition and loyalty to Hitler and his ideals.

    A year later, Hans von Schlieffen and a group of Storm Troopers travel to the U.S. to regain the spear. Hitler's forces recapture the Spear of Destiny again, but only the Axe escaped to the Nazi's Secret Scandinavian Base (built to carry out atomic research). Three intelligence agents are killed trying to infiltrate Hitler's headquarters. Admiral Powell of the U.S. navy sends B.J. to recover it.

    The Spear of Destiny is recaptured by Hitler for the third time. Learning from his past mistakes, Hitler has expanded his subterranean command bunker beneath the chancellery in Berlin so that he can keep the Spear of Destiny nearby and well-guarded. Calling upon the dark forces of the occult, he summons Abigor, Hitler can see into the future and obtain the plans to future weapon systems. B.J. is sent to retrieve it again. He discovers, that the Nazi's are working with magic that allows them to see the future (even going as far to steal technology from the Union Aerospace Corporation). B.J. fights his way defeating Hitler's forces, but is transported to the Future onto a UAC Mars Base (c. 2145). He defeats the Devil Incarnate and escapes. This apparently isn't the last time the Nazi's recapture the spear however.

    There were several attempts on Hitler's life, one on March 13, 1943, An attempt on Hitler's life is made. Henning von Tresckow asked Col. Heinz Brandt to take brandy on Hitler's plane. The attempt failed due to a faulty detonator. And another on July 20th, 1944: An agent attempts to kill Adolf Hitler with a bomb (both references to historical events, the latter is also a reference to Beyond Castle Wolfenstein). He survived both, and several other attempts on his life. It suggests that Wolf3D was based on some of these early attempts on Hitler's life (which maybe the source of later games placing Wolf3D or at least Original Encounter earlier in the timeline).

    It is finally captured by Allied Forces hopefully for the last time from Nuremberg on April 28, 1945 by General Patton. On the same day Hitler committed suicide in the Fuhrerbunker with Eva Braun.[4] It was fabled that the U.S. was destined to succeed Germany as the New World Power once ownership of the spear changed.[5]

    Original Encounter (Mac/3D0/Jaguar ending)Edit

    After the blows the allies dealt to his plans, Hitler waged desperate, brutal war upon the allies. He began attacking civilian targets, and had to be stopped. He had fallen back to his last stand, in the legendary Nazi keep known as Castle Wolfenstein. B.J. was ordered to seek him out and stop his destruction. He was ordered to terminate Hitler, because millions of lives lay in the balance (while it seemed initially successful Hitler was not killed and started his next operations to spread the Nazi across Europe). Deep inside the castle, B.J. found him inside of a mobile battle armor known as 'Mecha-Hitler'.

    Note: The Wolfenstein Animated Graphic Novels apears to show Hitler being fought in Castle Wolfenstein which is a nod to Mac Family version's storyline.

    2nd Encounter (PC ending)Edit

    After defeating Dr. Schabbs for the second time, Hitler again was forced to flee. He had escaped to the Reichstag, and hid in his titanic Reich Bunker as the Third Reich crumbled about him. B.J. was ordered again confront him, and to assassinate Hitler, and end his mad reign. After a long battle, the absolute incarnation of evil, Adolf Hilter, lie at B.J.'s feet in a pool of his own blood. His wrinkled, crimson-splattered visage still strains, a jagged-toothed rictus trying to cry out. Insane even in 'death'. B.J's lips pinched in bitter victory, he kicked his head off his remains and spit on his corpse. "Sieg heil ... huh. Sieg hell."

    Note: Most other adaptations of the story tend to leave out the ultra gory description of his 'death'/'defeat' (other than death animation in the game itself), instead just going for a 'success' screen of some sort (or 'vague' ending at the most suggesting that Hitler saw a 'defeat'.). The 2nd Encounter is actually called the 3rd Encounter on the mac versions, with 1st Encounter referring defeat of Grosse, 2nd Encounter being the continuation of the SNES/Jaguar levels up to the defeat of Mecha-Hitler/Staatmaster at Castle Wolfenstien, and 3rd Encounter, being an adaptation of the entire PC Wolfenstein 3D levels (with a few boss and item changes).

    Wolfenstein 3D ClassicEdit

    This was more or less a straight port of the levels from the PC version, but with some modifications to graphics, and health system, and story (to tie it into RTCW series). In this game Hitler is still fought in the 3rd Episode. But the ending is left vague. Just tossing up a Daily News newspaper saying congratulations and dating the event of the battles in February, 1945 (other versions and later games do not give the date for these games, and in some cases even suggest it occurs before Return to Castle Wolfenstein before 1943, suggesting it represents one of the earlier attempts on Hitler's life). This was released as a slight tie-in to Wolfenstein (2009) using some of the concept art from that game and RTCW, and made B.J. an OSA member during the events of battle with Hitler. It is set after RTCW, similar to the 'second campaign' (the unlocked original Wolfenstein 3D) from Tides of War.

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein Edit

    Hitler is briefly mentioned in Return to Castle Wolfenstein at the very end of the game: after BJ defeats Heinrich I, Heinrich Himmler is urged by an officer to hurry to Berlin, as "The Führer is expecting [his] arrival."

    He may also be seen on propaganda portraits throughout the game, as well as in Wolfenstein.

    According to the strategy guide for these games Wolfenstein 3D/Spear of Destiny, etc were placed chronologically before Return to Castle Wolfenstein (c. 1942), see Operation Return to Castle Wolfenstein/Original Encounter.

    That is according to RTCW timeline material, Hitler was defeated by B.J. Blazkowicz c. 1942 (see also Original Encounter), and that the Nazis were attempting to resurrect a new leader to replace him or warrior to bring his dreams to light, while he recovered from his wounds (this may have been the influence for the details given in the Graphic Novels in Wolfenstein (2009)). This suggests that they viewed the attempts on Hitler as one of the earlier 'failed' historical attempts on Hitler's life.

    Tides of War unlocks the original Wolfenstein 3D as a 'second campaign' set after RTCW, implying that it takes place after RTCW (much as Wolfenstein 3D Classic would later do).

    Wolfenstein: Operation Nachtsonne/Fourth ReichEdit

    Mecha-Hitler Wolf2009 GN

    Mecha-Hitler at Castle Wolfenstein in Wolfenstein (2009) graphic novel video part 1 (based on the Original Encounter).

    In this game, history the war ended (roughly in February, 1945, however this date was added into a later port Wolfenstein 3D Classic, which gave an alternate ending compared to previous versions of the games, which left Hitler's defeat 'vague'), but the Third Reich would rise again under an organization calling itself the Fourth Reich (or at least would call itself the Fourth Reich following the events of the destruction of the SS Tirpitz or somepoint shortly before).

    Shortly before B.J. destroyed the S.S. Tirpitz, during his attempt to stop Operation Eisenfaust, he had fought Hitler in his bunker under the Reichstag in Berlin or inside of Castle Wolfenstein (similar to the Original Encounter location), shooting him in the chest wounding him, and leaving him for dead. The major defeat would seemingly be the beginning of the end of the war. Furthermore the comics may suggest that Return to Castle Wolfenstein occured after Wolfenstein 3D, in which the plans to resurrect Heinrich I was to create a new leader, as Hitler was thought to be dead at the time.

    Later, Anton Kriege learned of Hitler's plans, and the Spear of Destiny, after looking into BG's past and learning of his missions with the Office of Secret Actions. Central Command still exists in Berlin, but it appears to have noticeably been weakened by the actions of the Allies and groups such as the Kraisau circle, to the point that the Third Reich (or its successors the Fourth Reich) are forced to try to battle and reconquer sections of its own country in Germany.

    4th Reich Wolf2009 GN

    Central leaders, Hitler maybe the second from the right.

    While Hitler's paintings still occupy positions of prominence in offices, manors, and/or old propaganda posters. There is strangely little mention of him, and never by any individuals. Himmler appears to be in charge (of at least the SS Paranormal Division) in Berlin, and Wilhelm Strasse appears to be both an individual in charge of "Central Command" (according to documents obtained during the Castle, Airfield and off his Zeppelin) as well as the true mastermind behind Operation Nachtsonne (which he oversaw from the Castle, and left Zetta to do most of the dirty work). With many believing Zetta was in charge, despite being Strasse's underling, there were rumors that Strasse was brought in by Central Command as Zetta's replacement. Strasse oddly did not have a picture of Hitler in his castle, but rather a rather ostentatious painting of himself (he was at least very egotistical) along with documents possibly linking him higher up into Berlin's Central Command, to suggest he may have more or less taken over the Third Reich in Hitler's place with Heinrich Himmler (although perhaps few may know Hitler was defeated, and left for dead, perhaps kept a secret even within the Reich). However, someone who looks like Hitler does appear to be part of the Central Command.

    Wolfenstein: The Old BloodEdit

    It is mentioned in an offhand remark in a newspaper (Article: The Fuhrer Visits Paderborn) that on January, 1946, Hitler came to 'revisit' Castle Wolfenstein and Paderborn. This maybe a nod to the Original Encounter storyline from the Mac Family versions of Wolfenstein 3D (and/or the Wolfenstein 2009 graphic novel), in which the location of Hitler is placed in Castle Wolfenstein, and represents his first 'defeat' by William Joseph B.J. Blazkowicz.

    Another newspaper dated January 3, 1945 makes a more direct reference to B.J. Blazkowicz's attempt on Hitler's life. See Article: Castle Wolfenstein Assassin Faces Execution, in the newspaper propaganda, Hitler claims that runors are exagerrated, that he didn't suffer any injuries, and that the assassin didn't escape. Further it claims they recaptured the assassin and hung him. If it is partially true that B.J. was recaptured, it might explain why B.J.'s memories of this era are fragmented, and only accessible via nightmares.

    Berlin, 3 Jan. 1946 - It was the Führer himself who put the noose around the neck of the assassin known as "the Castle Wolfenstein terrorist" when he was executed Sunday morning.
    Herr Hitler was in a fine mood having recovered remarkably well from the cowardly assassination attempt. As he was led into the execution chamber, the terrorist soiled himself when he saw our Führer in such good health. "Let this be a powerful reminder that all enemies of our great nation will meet a righteous end," said Herr Hitler after the assassin had stopped twitching where he hung on the rope. "It is time to quell the insidious rumors claiming that I was badly hurt by the terrorist and that he managed to escape. They were fabrications manufactured by our enemies. Everyone who is found to repeat these lies will face trial as traitors of the Reich."

    Wolfenstein: The New Order Edit

    Hitler does not appear, nor is he heard, in Wolfenstein: The New Order, leading to speculation about his status in the 1960 timeline. Unlike previous games, there is a distinct lack of portraits or statues of Hitler in Order, with his only physical representation being a gold mask found on Moon Base One, a strange oversight for a man of his notability, leading to speculation that he is either dead or no longer in power by the time the game takes place, indicated by some of Caroline's comments that imply that Deathshead is in charge of the Nazis by 1960, and that Hitler may be just a figurehead, with Deathshead ruling the German empire behind the scenes (similar to the plot of Philip K. Dick's, The Man in the High Castle which much of the game's story mirrors). Although it remains unclear if it is him, the "important kill list board" inside the Kreissau Circle features a blurry image of a man who resembles Hitler; if it is him, it lends credence to the idea that Hitler is just a figurehead by 1960.

    Hitler the Nazi of lowest importance?

    While some believe that Hitler is dead, based on articles found in "Old Blood" (see above), there are numerous hints throughout the game that he is still alive: a checkpoint guard says "Heil Hitler!" and various text articles and announcements refer to him, the earliest of which is a newspaper article dated 1946:

    "I Want Peace" Says Fuhrer
    Berlin, Jul 10, 1946 - The future of humanity is at
    stake. In a rare interview exclusively for this newspaper,
    discussing the war effort and the values that make the
    German race so unique and superior, our beloved
    Fuhrer delivers his vision for the world after the war.
    "Make no mistake about it. I want peace for mankind,
    and I am willing to fight to the death for it."

    Hitler gives a speech in front of the US Capital building in the surrendered United States (c. 1948).

    Another article dated December 21, 1948, after the bombing of New York City, also refers to a "Great Leader," who is also mentioned in a following article dated December 22, 1948 discussing the surrender of the United States, an event apparently portrayed in a game trailer where Hitler gave a speech in front of the US Capital Building.

    Perhaps the strongest piece of evidence's for Hitler's survival is an in-game description of the Monuments of Truth, which states that Hitler commissioned them to celebrate "the spirit of victory" that led Germany to victory in the war (this is the only time his full name is used in-game), seeming to confirm that he was still alive and leading Germany as of 1948. Further articles state the "beloved leader" was flown in from Berlin to give a speech at the Gibraltar bridge dedication on October 3rd, 1957, and that the Fuhrer awarded Engel with a medal for her bravery defending Belica on November 9, 1960, following B.J.'s assault on the camp.

    It should be noted, however, that Nazi newspapers were known for promoting propaganda instead of truth, and in-game news articles frequently distort BJ's actions to make the Reich look better in light of his actions. Machine Games noted in an interview with Gamespot that BJ had already defeated Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D[6]; with the in-game description of the Monuments of Truth not being a newspaper article (and thus, propaganda), this suggests that Hitler somehow survived the battle with BJ.

    While Hitler's exact status during the events of "Order," remains unclear, it can be reasonably assumed that there are three possibilities:

    1. Hitler is dead, and all his public appearances are done by a body double.
    2. Hitler is alive, but is only a figurehead, with Deathshead secretly running the Reich.
    3. Hitler is alive and still leads the Reich at the age of 71.

    Wolfenstein RPGEdit

    In Wolfenstein RPG, the paintings include Axis Leader with a goatee, a parody of Hitler where his mustache has been moved to his chin. The Fuhrer can be punched for an amusing animations. Other than that there are few, if any, direct references to Hitler or Nazis (as the game underwent censorship). However, the greater parts of the story, is part of the id Universe timeline which ties all or most of of id Software's major series together in a single timeline.

    Tactical analysisEdit

    Hitler (also known as Mecha-Hitler or Armored Hitler) is the leader of Nazi regime, and boss of the Original Encounter and Episode 3 ("Die, Fuhrer, Die!") and the final boss of the original Wolfenstein 3D before the release of the Nocturnal Missions expansion pack. When the player first meets Hitler, he will be in a large mechanical suit that is armed with quad Chain Guns. After having around half of his HP taken away, the suit will fall off, and Hitler will jump out with dual Chain Guns. His defeat is said to be in February, 1945 in the Platinum Edition of Wolfenstein 3-D.

    While his sprites suggest he would cause more damage when armored, in fact he doesn't. The armor most likely is an excuse to give Hitler an amount of HP much higher than that of the other bosses. Both his forms combined have close to double the HP of Hans Grösse.

    Hitler fires 5 bullets per volley in the two forms. After being defeated, he will talk before melting into a pile of blood and bone, triggering the ending.

    In the 2nd Encounter episode of the Mac Family (also used as the main campaign of Jaguar/3D0 versions) Hitler is always the ultimate boss. The censored SNES port replaced Hitler with Staatmeister (Adolf Trautmann in the Japanese version) who uses Hitler's sprite, though edited somewhat - he lacks the mustache, has a completely redrawn death animation, and has blonde hair. The paintings of Hitler in the SNES version were also changed, in the paintings Hitler (or Staatmeister, in this case) had no mustache and no swastika-adorned armband.

    In the 3rd Encounter episode of the Mac Family games Hitler is again defeated for the second time in missions based on the original PC levels.

    Gallery Edit

    Behind the scenesEdit

    In real life Hitler was believed to have been suffering from chronic syphilis, and may have been on heavy medications (crystal meth, and other drugs) during the end of his life, which made him less competent, and reliable to those around him. This may be the reason why in the The New Order he may have become more of a figurehead, rather than the actual power behind the Reich, only coming out to give speeches at important public events.

    Hitler was known to have at least one 'political decoy' or 'body-double', but may have had several to protect him from would-be assassins, and confuse them (these were the inspiration for the Fake Hitlers in Wolfenstein 3D). If Hitler had been killed its possible that one of these doubles could have been used to replace him to give speeches at important public events. This would allow him to continue to be a figurehead, although not actually still being alive. With the Reich being controlled by others.

    Alternatively, as most of the places he is reported to have been are 'restricted' and probably had few or no civilian witnesses, it maybe possible that many of the newspaper reports are simply fabricated propaganda. Reporting events that never actually took place. There would be no witnesses to say otherwise. Which would allow him to remain a figurehead, dead or alive.

    References Edit

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