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Adolf Hitler
HP 800 + 500 (skill 1),
950 + 700 (skill 2),
1050 + 800 (skill 3),
1200 + 900 (skill 4)
Waking sound DIESND
Death sound EVASND
Points 5000 +
Weapon 4x chainguns (Mech)
2x chainguns (Normal)
For an analysis of his various other appearances in the series, see Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler (also known as Mecha-Hitler or Armored Hitler) is the boss of Episode 3 of Wolfenstein 3D, and the final boss of the original release before the release of the Nocturnal Missions expansion pack.


When the player first meets Hitler, he'll be in a large mechanical suit that's armed with quad Chain Guns. After having around half of his HP taken away, the suit will break, and Hitler will jump out with dual Chain Guns.

While his sprites suggest he would cause more damage when armored, in fact he doesn't. The armor is most likely an excuse to give Hitler an amount of HP much higher than that of the other bosses. Both his forms combined have close to double the HP of Hans Grösse.

Hitler fires 5 bullets per volley in each of the two forms. Upon defeat, he will talk before melting into a pile of blood and bone, triggering the ending.

In the 2nd Encounter episode of the Mac Family, Hitler is always the ultimate boss. The censored SNES port replaced Hitler with Staatmeister (Adolf Trautmann in the Japanese version) who uses Hitler's sprite, though edited somewhat - he lacks a mustache and has a completely redrawn death animation. The paintings of Hitler in the SNES port were also changed, Staatmeister has no mustache nor swastika armband.

Tactical analysisEdit

Before entering Hitler's room, make sure that you are fully stocked and healthy. You'll need all the firepower you can get.

When you get into his room, find and kill all of the Officers in his room first. Destroying Mecha-Hitler is surprisingly easy; Hug a corner, but keep a close distance between you and him, then open fire. The distance between you and him will greatly increase the amount of damage to both of you. As he takes a moment before he can start firing, you should be able to do some damage and take cover again before he has time to return it. Unlike other enemies, Mecha-Hitler has very audible footsteps, so listen for them when he is about to come into view.

When his metal suit is destroyed, repeat the process. This time he is much faster (basically combining the speed of an Officer with the firepower of Hans Grösse). You'll have to reposition yourself much more often than you had to with Mecha Hitler. When he's dead, the episode/game will automatically end.

If you need to heal and stock up on ammo, use the supplies in Hitler's room first. If you backtrack to grab supplies, Hitler will follow you.

Hitler dead

Hitler shows off what he's really made of!


The poor quality of sound in the game makes it difficult to ascertain what is being said. Sources are given for what Id claims is the language, but this is sometimes open to criticism.

"Die, Allied schweinhund!"[1]
"Die, Allied pigdog!"[1] File: "DIESND". Spoken on seeing the player.
"Die Welt ist unser!"
"The world is ours!" 3DO/Macintosh ports.
"Guten Tag!"
"Good Day!" Jaguar ports.
"Shit!"[1] File: "SCHEISTSND". Spoken on destruction of mech suit.
"Eva, auf wiedersehen!"[1]
"Eva, good-bye!"[1] File: "EVASND". Spoken on death. A cry to Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress.

"Id Software apologizes to German speaking people everywhere."[2]


Hit points800 + 500 (skill 1),
950 + 700 (skill 2),
1050 + 800 (skill 3),
1200 + 900 (skill 4)
2560 (morph)
Score5000 +
Sprites & sounds
Sprite number334-344,
345-359 (morph)
Alert soundDIESND
Death soundEVASND and
Ranged attack
Damage1-64, 1-32 or 1-16
Shots per minute


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