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Airfield Facility

Inside the Airfield where the elevator heading to the Zeppelin awaits.

Airfield is the second-to-last mission of Wolfenstein. It is impossible to return to Midtown or Downtown after arriving. It is one of the largest areas in Wolfenstein and is divided into West and East sections. Right after the Airfield, B.J. Blazkowicz heads into the Zeppelin. The Black Market Seller also makes a final appearance here, before the protagonist heads into the Zeppelin to end the Nazis' evil schemes once and for all.


The Airfield is large facility used by the Luftwaffe and SS. In addition to conventional aircraft the facility is used for developing experimental aircraft and weapons such as a stealth plane and particle missiles. The base contains a large hanger for the Zeppelin's supply airship. Another hanger contains a large machine containing an Elite Guard suspended in a ball of green light. She serves as the level boss and will summon both red and green Despoiled from platforms near the machine.

Intel describes and shows firing tests for Veil-enhanced rockets, one of which B.J. walks into while making his way to the Airfield's Eastern sector.


The boss battle begins uppon the player reaching the ground floor of the hanger containing the summoning machine. Directly ahead are three generators whuch must be destoyed. Two platforms on eaither side of the machine will summon an infinite number of Despoiled. Destroy the generators quickly or you will be overwelmed. Once that is done the Elite Guard will exit the machine and attack you with a Veil-powered whip. Use the Leichenfaust 44 or Particle Cannon. Once all enemies have been killed exit the room through a door in the far-right corner.


There are a total of 21 Gold and 8 Intel items found in this location.


  • Normally a Despoiled can only be created from a human corpse but there are none seen in or near the summoning machine.
  • After transiting to Airfield East, and if Blazkowicz attempts go back, the entrance will be closed right after a grenade is thrown onto it, presumably by pursuing German soldiers.