Annette Krause
Country of Origin Germany
Age End teens to 20's
Sex Female
Nationality German
Occupation Kessler's assistant (till his or her death)
Blazkowicz's ally
Fate Alive/Deceased (player-determined)
Portrayer Lilli Fichtner
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  • Annette Krause is Kessler's assistant in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.


    Annette was raised in a middle class Jewish family in the south of Germany. Her mother died when Annette was young and her father never remarried. When the Nazis seized power, she and her father managed to hide in the mountains until they were discovered and put on a train to a concentration camp in Bolzano. Somewhere in the Italian alps, the train was attacked by a band of Italian resistance fighters and Annette was rescued. Her father didn't make it.

    Annette eventually met Katrin, a girl who would take her to Wulfburg and as we assume fell in love.

    The Old BloodEdit

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    Annette appears in The Old Blood as Kessler's assistant in Paderborn during the Second World War. When OSA agent B.J. Blazkowicz comes to the safehouse, Annette is injured as B.J. kills the Nazis, including Rudi Jäger.

    Blazkowicz, Kessler and Annette leave to Wulfburg where Blazkowicz and Pippa Shepherd (Agent Two) disguise to meet with Helga von Schabbs. Annette searchers for Katrin, her long lost friend and lover in Wulfburg. During this, the Nazi's accidently unleashed the Shamblers which kill everything in their way, and reanimate the dead.

    Annette uses her handgun to defend herself against Shamblers in Wulfburg. Blazkowicz has the choice of saving either Kessler or Annette who are stuck between Shamblers. If Blazkowicz saves Kessler, Annette is killed by the Shamblers.

    If Annette is saved by B.J., she goes searching for Katrin as he goes to Kessler's reanimated corpse. At the end of the game, Fergus Reid's men save Blazkowicz after he collects the files. Annette is seen with Katrin, as the two embrace one another, the two were ordered by an American soldier to move on. Her status alongside Katrin (if alive) are unknown in the New Order.

    Trivia Edit

    • She is a reference to Anne Frank, The famous Jewish girl who was murdered in the holocaust, both by shape and name.

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