Anton Krieger is the captain of the Eva's Hammer, and a minor antagonist in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Kapitän Anton Krieger's history is unknown, however it can be guessed, that to have been given command of the Eva's Hammer, he must have had an incredible record, in the Kriegsmarine.

When B. J. Blazkowicz, infiltrated the u-boat, and raised the alarm, Krieger tried to reason with Blazkowicz, by urging to surrender to avoid having his men getting killed, and promised to treat Blazkowicz according to the regulations of war.

However Blazkowicz reluctantly refused, and continued fighting, Krieger immediately realized the Blazkowiz was heading towards the bridge and ordered all crew members to defend the bridge.

Despite the best efforts of his crew, Blazkowicz took over the u-boat, Krieger was killed in the radio room, however unlike most Nazi officers, he was unafraid to fight along side his men. His body was dumped into the sea along with rest of his men.

Behind the scenesEdit

His name maybe a reference to Anton Kriege from the previous game.

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