Assault Rifle 1946
Type Assault Rifle
Ammo Type Heavy Rounds
Operation Fully-automatic (default)
Single shot (alternate)
Alt-fire Burst Fire
Dual-wieldable? Yes
Weapon Stats
Damage Moderate
Magazine Size 30
Total Ammo 260
Appears In Wolfenstein: The New Order
Drops From Soldier
"A German Army service rifle with a fire selector for switching between automatic and semi-automatic fire mode. Useful when taking on multiple enemies at once at medium range."
―Journal description.[src]

The Assault Rifle 1946 is a weapon in Wolfenstein: The New Order. It is the staple weapon of the Nazi infantry during the game's prologue.


The Assault Rifle 1946 packs quite a punch when compared to the lowly starting SMG and is often the immediate replacement for that weapon as soon as it becomes available. It has a rather light but noticeable recoil pattern that encourages short controlled bursts rather than bullet hosing. The Assault Rifle 1946 can be dual-wielded.

It is completely superseded by its 1960 successor after the timeskip, though it is usable in the hidden Nightmare sequence.


Perk Upgrades:Edit

  • AR Magazine +: Increases the Assault Rifle 1946's magazine size by 8.
  • Deadeye: Increases the Assault Rifle 1946's headshot damage when sighted.
  • Quick Draw: The Assault Rifle 1946 is equipped faster.
  • Quick Reload: The Assault Rifle 1946 is reloaded faster.
  • Double Reload: The Assault Rifle 1946 is reloaded faster when dual-wielded.
  • Endurance I: Increases sprint speed when dual-wielding Assault Rifle 1946s.
  • Dual-wield Expert: Increases the Assault Rifle 1946's standard total ammo capacity. Dual-wielded Assault Rifle 1946s have a higher chance of dismembering enemies.


  • The Assault Rifle 1946 was based on a dolled-up StG 44. It has an undermounting foregrip that can be seen used by enemy personnel, but not by Blazkowicz himself. The foregrip automatically folds when the weapon is dropped.
  • The in-universe German assault rifle is better than the American-made SMG in every aspect. Several characters in the game are aware of this fact, and would suggest the player picking one up as replacement as soon as possible.
  • The Assault Rifle 1946 has only one magazine model that always shows loaded rounds in it whether the rifle is actually empty or not.


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