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Animated Bat
Bats, as they appear in the Spear of Destiny mission packs.

Weapon Twin guns

Bats are very large, mutant bats that can be seen in the mission packs of Spear of Destiny. They are the brainchild of Dr. Quarkblitz.

The bats are very big and smart (suggesting that they are genetically modified or specially bred to be so). They are able to use dual guns mounted to the lower part of their bodies to attack. The person responsible for creation of these beasts is Dr. Quarkblitz. They are very dangerous because they deal a lot of damage and are very fast.

Bats replace mutants from the original games and behave similar to them.

Tactical analysisEdit

The bats are statistically the same enemy as the Mutants, except that they sometimes are hard to notice in the distance. See the Mutant page for further tactical analysis.


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