"Befolgen Sie!" ("Obey!") propaganda posters appear in Wolfenstein 2009. They mark an event which occurred in Hamburg on Sept 3, 1944. Many are covered by layers of old newspapers suggesting that posters have been up for a fairly long time. This would suggest that the game takes place later than the given date, possibly even into 1945.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like many of the posters in the game this may be modified from an actual propaganda poster.

Hamburg saw a series of bombings between August 29/30, and on September 6/7, 1944.

This date was coincidently the same date that the last Dutch train to Auschwitz sending the last Jews out of Germany, although that has nothing to do with Hamburg, Germany.

The poster itself is on the Dein Ja Dem Fuhrer 4 December poster, which was an election poster.