Berlin 1960

1960s Berlin concept art

Berlin (Germania) is the capital of the German Third Reich.

In Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny, B.J. infiltrates locations within Berlin.

In the alternate timeline of Wolfenstein: The New Order, it is a massive city dominated by the architecture of Albert Speer. Mostly constructed out of Über Concrete, it is also home to Eisenwald Prison, where members of the resistance are being held.

Locations Edit

Eisenwald PrisonEdit

The primary prison in the city, Eisenwald Prison is home to many captured resistance fighters, and is guarded by melee guards, kampfhunds, and panzerhunds.

Kreisau Circle HQEdit

The headquarters of the Kreisau Circle Resistance within Berlin, situated beneath the Monuments of Truth.

Reich ChancelleryEdit

This is the main Reich command centre. The Furherbunker, where Hitler (presumably) would go if he was attacked by resistance fighters, is located here.

Secret Police HeadquartersEdit

The headquarters for the secret police in Berlin, used for monitoring citizens and interrogating prisoners.


The massive meeting hall of the Third Reich dominates the Berlin skyline.

Trivia Edit

  • The real-life Fernsehturm Berliner can be seen in The New Order. However, the Fernsehturm in real-life wasn't completely built until 1969.
  • Much of the city design in-game was based on Speer's real-life plans for post-war Berlin had the Axis powers won in World War II.

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