Blackmarket door glow

The symbol of the Black Market, as seen on many doors in the game.

The Black Market (German: Schwarzmarkt) is a series of illegal stores in Isenstadt offering ammunition and upgrades to the player in Wolfenstein. They are run by the brothers Anton and Stefan Kriege. Anton runs the streets, while Stefan is the brains of the operation.


The Black Market sells all upgrades found in Wolfenstein. Most unlock after progressing through the game, but some require a certain number of Tomes or Intel found to unlock. Upgrades can be sold back for half-price.

  • Certain weapon upgrades require a certain number of Intel to be found.
  • Certain Veil upgrades require a certain number of Tomes to be found.

The gold you find will never be enough to buy all updates for all weapons, so only upgrade the weapon you use the most. Unless you find every single dollar in the game by finding 100% collectibles and doing side missions, purchasing the ammo is not recommended unless you want to use rare weapons extensively.


  • All of the upgrades cost money, found by doing missions and collecting Gold.
  • There are several Black Markets throughout the game, first encountered shortly after Train Station mission as part of tutorial. You will have to visit it to proceed.


  • In the Black Market, on the basement of the building on Midtown West, there is a Colt M1911 on the counter and 2 BAR's on the floor. Both of them are the only American weapons found in Isenstadt.
  • Also in the same Black Market mentioned above, the player can see a few British No. 74 sticky grenades in a rack inside the cage.
  • On the table where Anton Kriege is working, is a Luger with bullets around it.
  • Downtown Isenstadt has only one Black Market hideout while Midtown Isenstadt has four (main hideout, the one in Raven's Nest Tavern, the one near level entrance to Church, and one inside sewer).
  • Even the staff had moved to new hideout in Downtown, three of the four hideouts in Midtown are still functional.
  • After being abandoned by vendor, the hideout in Midtown's sewer still have all goods left behind, but cannot be picked up.
  • Curiously, they can supply the even the rarest ammo type as long as B.J. has enough money for them.
  • Total value of all golds and mission awards throughout the game is 58050, not enough to purchase every upgrade (55 options, 72750 in total).
  • There is a bug in Blazkowicz's account balance: When having little money left, refilling ammo to make the balance go minus, then every unlocked upgrade can be purchased for free.


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