E6M07 Screenshot

Enemies are commonly placed behind blocks to add variety to the game. Here, a stone column.

Blocking tiles[1] (entity name: "block")[2] are sprite-based objects in Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny that cannot be picked up or interacted with, and whose occupied tile cannot be walked into. Blocks commonly represent large things like columns that logically could provide obstruction for the player.

Blocks are commonly used to cordon off sections of a room. Both the player and enemies can shoot through any block object, so it is common to find enemies placed behind blocks to add variety and thrill.

List of blocks in Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of DestinyEdit

Descriptions are provided verbatim from comments in the source code; any oddities are the fault of Id. Due to the nature of sprites, all images will appear to have a purple background.

Sprite name[2] Description[2] Sprite
SPR_STAT_1 "Green Barrel" SPR STAT 1 SPR STAT 1
SPR_STAT_2 "Table/chairs" SPR STAT 2 SPR STAT 2
SPR_STAT_3 "Floor lamp" SPR STAT 3 SPR STAT 3
SPR_STAT_5 "Hanged man" SPR STAT 5 SPR STAT 5
SPR_STAT_7 "Red pillar"[note 1] SPR STAT 7 SPR STAT 7
SPR_STAT_10 "Sink" SPR STAT 10 "gibs"[note 1] SPR STAT 10 (Spear)
SPR_STAT_11 "Potted plant" SPR STAT 11 SPR STAT 11
SPR_STAT_13 "Bare table" SPR STAT 13 SPR STAT 13
SPR_STAT_15 not a block[note 2] "Gibs!"[note 1] SPR STAT 15 (Spear)
SPR_STAT_16 "suit of armor" SPR STAT 16 SPR STAT 16
SPR_STAT_17 "Hanging cage" SPR STAT 17 SPR STAT 17
SPR_STAT_18 "SkeletoninCage" SPR STAT 18 SPR STAT 18
SPR_STAT_22 "stuff"[note 1] SPR STAT 22 "gibs"[note 1] SPR STAT 22 (Spear)
SPR_STAT_35 "barrel" SPR STAT 35 SPR STAT 35
SPR_STAT_36 "well" SPR STAT 36 SPR STAT 36
SPR_STAT_37 "Empty well" SPR STAT 37 SPR STAT 37
SPR_STAT_39 "flag" SPR STAT 39 SPR STAT 39
SPR_STAT_40 "Call Apogee"[note 3] SPR STAT 40 not a block[note 2]
SPR_STAT_44 not a block[note 2] "Gibs!" SPR STAT 44 (Spear)
SPR_STAT_45 "stove" SPR STAT 45 "gibs" SPR STAT 45 (Spear)
SPR_STAT_46 "spears" SPR STAT 46 "gibs"[note 1] SPR STAT 46 (Spear)
SPR_STAT_48 does not appear "marble pillar" SPR STAT 48
SPR_STAT_50 does not appear "truck" SPR STAT 50


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 These descriptions seem not to describe (or to poorly describe) the sprites depicted; perhaps they instead describe what the objects were earlier in the development of the game.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 The sprite exists in this game and is used, but is not a blocking tile.
  3. The infamous 'CALL APOGEE SAY "AARDWOLF"', removed from later versions (including the version from which these sprites were extracted). The sprite was replaced by a slightly modified SPR_STAT_42.


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