• Wormsiak z polski

    In Machine Games universe is never mentioned that in 1945 B.J. was in castle Wolfenstein and killed there Hans Grosse and later has encounter with Hitler. Also, the name of guy that was trying to kill Hitler and then was hanged is uknow so he wasn't for 100% Blazkowicz. Yes, Hitler in New Colossus is saing that "he destroyed B.J." and yes, in this article is mentioned that these informations can be just Hitler's propaganda or bad memory, but only thing that he mentioned is just that "he destroed B.J" and nothing else. He didn't said when and where this was taking place and any details about it. Also, with that quote he may be only referring to the Nazis as a whole that they "killed" Blazkowicz. So, we can move informations about hanging Hi…

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  • MTTScientist

    Hello everyone! I recently have viewed an image that got me thinking, what if the main guy (biggest, middle) is actually Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse? According to the MachinegGames series, Deathshead was actually the one who led the Nazis to victory! What if Strasse actually was the main leader of the Nazis and that Adolf Hitler was simply some sort of puppet ruler?

    Post your responses below and also share your own conspiracies or alternate universes!

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  • Duke of Skibbington

    I was wondering how all the Wolfenstein games (with the exception of the muse games) could be reconciled into one canon. As we know, in the classic series, B.J kills Hitler and ends the war, yet come the New Order, Hitler is still alive and the Nazis have won. A highly unlikely but novel way to do this would be to introduce time travel into Wolfenstein III: The New Game and have B.J and friends travel back in time to Wolfenstein 3D and kill Hitler there, ending the war and keeping to the original series. And so thus, Wolfenstein 3 becomes Wolfenstein 3D.

    I know, it sounds preposterous and I sincerely hope it doesn't happen but what does everyone else think?

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  • Baggins

    The Deep Review

    December 20, 2017 by Baggins

    Well read the graphic novel volume #1 for Wolfenstein reboot series. I thought artwise it wasn't bad... however I couldn'st stand the 'censorship' no Swastikas, no direct references to Nazis, the use of the "Regime' instead, yet Himmler is still mentioned? Seemed out of place.

    Seems we have yet another mythology for Thule race/Atlanteans. Seemed very HP Lovecraftian. The people liiving near hte sea had a very fish look to them as well. Makes me wonder if they worshiped the Dagon wannabe creaure in the story.

    The creatures Thule or some kind of old gods were interesting looking thuough. It was never clear if they were actual Thule or some kind of ancient aliens, but the story mostly avoided true 'supernatural' despite it referencing SS Parano…

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  • DiseaseMaster7

    Personally, my favorite is either Blazko or Fergus. Fergus has lines that are only amplified, and sometimes made humorous, by his accent. Blazko looks death in the face and says, "Not yet. I've got some living left to do."

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  • Tomtheman99

    How BJ can create a Second American Revolution in the New Colossus?!!

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  • Книжник


    June 26, 2017 by Книжник

    Hello! How to create such a template-navbox: I edited it on one page, and on others he already edited himself?

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  • TurkPassenger

    I've watched all the trailers of new Wolfenstein game "The New Collossus". Judging from my watches, I'm listing new and returning weapons:

    1-)Machinepistole (Saw during BJ's escape from Eva's Hammer)

    2-)Assault Rifle (1961 version)


    4-)Handgun 1960 (from The New Order)

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  • EvilKid851212

    Bad Grammar

    May 4, 2015 by EvilKid851212

    It's a real shame to see articles with such bad grammar as this one. Seriously, who puts normal words like "brutally" with a capital letter halfway through a sentence... does no-one proof read this stuff. I'm not saying we shouldn't stop people from editing the wiki but at least allow people who are skilled at the language "English" edit articles on an "English" wiki. 

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  • EvilKid851212

    ... 1

    April 3, 2015 by EvilKid851212
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