Country of Origin Nambia
Date of Birth Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sex Male
Nationality Nambian
  • Resistance Fighter
  • Member of the Kreisau Circle
  • Member of the American Resistance
  • Fate Alive
    Portrayer Erik LaRay Harvey
    Appearance(s) Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    Bombate is a resistance fighter and later a member of the Kreisau Circle in Wolfenstein: The New Order. He should be back in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.


    Bombate was raised on the streets of Windhoek, South-West Africa (Namibia). As the Nazis began conquering more and more of the African continent, Bombate traveled north to fight them. After two years of leading successful counter attacks on the invading army, Bombate was captured and imprisoned in a forced labor camp in Belica.

    The New OrderEdit

    As B.J. went under cover as a prisoner at the Belica labor camp, Bombate was the first of the laborers to greet him, and even help him find Set Roth by telling him to head to Block 6, but first needed to distract the guards and switch uniforms with a laborer named Milo. After B.J. and Set escape from execution and even use a robot to escape, Bombate and the other prisoners escape. But as they're about to escape, Frau Engel attempted to stop them, she shoots Bombate who's injured from the attack, but has managed to escape along with B.J. and Set to the Kreisau Circle's Berlin hideout.

    Bombate and the other members of the Kreisau Circle were later captured by Nazi soldiers led by Frau Engel and taken to Deathshead's compound. He was found alive along with the other Circle members by B.J., and escaped from the compound before B.J. ordered to destroy the facility.

    The New ColossusEdit

    Bombate is seen in The New Colossus next to Max Hass and in the opening of the game one Blazkowicz arrives with Anya and Set.

    Untitled 2-0

    Bombate in New Colossus.

    During the meeting to bomb area 52, he is shown to be uncomfortable from Grace's distrust of Sigrun Engel due to her former background as a Nazi and as Frau Engel's daughter.

    Bombate is seen "engaging in a relationship" with Sigrun in the Resistance submarine base, suggesting they will get together during "The New Colossus".

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