Wolfenstein 3D contains bosses of 4 basic types and two diffrent death behaviors. either dropping an gold key or starting the deathcam ending. Unlike normal enemies boss sprites are one sided and cannot be snuck up on.

Hitscan BossesEdit

Hitscan bosses only attack the player using chainguns. All hitscan bosses are listed below:

Hans Grosse

Adolf Hitler/MechaHitler

Gretel Grosse

Trans Grosse


Submarine Willy

The Axe

Special Weapon BossesEdit

These bosses attack using a special weapon, usually not gunpowder-based:

Doctor Schabbs attacks with Korpsokinetic Serum syringes

Angel of Death - Magic orbs

Devil Incarnate - Magic orbs

Otto Giftmacher - Rocket Launcher

Rocket and Hitscan bossesEdit

These bosses attack with bullets and rockets, alternating between the two:

General Fettgesicht

Barnacle Wilhelm

Death Knight

Dr. Quarkblitz