Entering Camp Belica

Entering Camp Belica to look for Set Roth

Camp Belica is a Todeslager  (extermination camp) run by the Nazis in Northern Croatia. It is seen in the game Wolfenstein: The New Order.


Camp Belica is run by Frau Engel and Bubi, which is where all prisoners are either gassed immediately upon arrival or worked to death. The prisoners are used as a form of slave labor resource to produce many of the important substances and items needed to continue on building the Third Reich. The primary substance that the camp produces is known as Über Concrete, a hard building material made out of limestone in the nearby area. Due to the workings of Set Roth, the mixture for the concrete has been tampered, forcing mold to grow on the concrete. The camp is guarded by Herr Faust.

The New OrderEdit

Camp Belica wasn't seen until Anya Oliwa of the Kreisau Circle discovered that the mixture to produce Über Concrete was being tampered with, meaning that there was someone there that knew its secrets. This led to the discovery of Da'at Yichud member Set Roth, who has been detained there since 1941.

B.J. Blazkowicz infiltrate the camp by disguising himself as a prisoner. There, he is forcibly tattooed and made to produce Über Concrete via mixers. There, he meets the African prisoner Bombate, who gives B.J. the means to find Set. Disguising himself as a prisoner from another block, B.J. manages to meet Set, who insists that he will only help him if he finds a Detronic battery, which he can use to control Herr Faust. B.J. manages to sneak into the camp morgue, where he is captured and tortured by the camp's resident doctor, The Knife. Placed in an incinerator, B.J. escapes and finds the Deutronic battery. However, he is captured by Bubi and Frau Engel, who orders that he, Set and all the other prisoners be executed for his crime. B.J. managed to slip the battery to Set, they take control of the robot, wounding Frau Engel in the process. From there, the robot is used to aid in their escape from the prison.


  • B.J. mumbled to himself that he has seen other Nazi labor camps. He mentions Auschwitz and Buchenwald. The 2 camps he mentioned are two of the most infamous Nazi camps during World War II. This is somewhat odd, since the Holocaust was only publicly discovered after the Allies won the war, events that never happened in this universe. It is unknown how B.J. knows about their existence.