B.J is control the Keiler in Cannery, to destroy any obstacles that preventing him to move forward before he destruct the weapon itself to prevent the Nazi to create even more of them

The Cannery, It is the last mission in Midtown before Kreisau Circle, Golden Dawn and Black Market moving their location to Downtown as the Nazis out for vengeance after General Victor Zetta is killed by the B.J. Blazkowicz. The Level featuring the Assassin, Heavy Trooper, new enemy The Drache Trooper and the Boss Fight between General Zetta.


It location, located at the back of the SS Headquarters, where it have the long way of the wall. The entering of the place is inside one of the sewer of the building near the Golden Dawn Safehouse. While the exiting is near the wall of the long way.


  • Investigating the Cannery.
  • Destroying the Keiler.
  • Eliminated General Zetta.
  • Returning Back to Midtown.



There are Total Twenty Gold, Six Intel, One Tome found in this location.