Caroline Becker
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Caroline Becker as seen in Wolfenstein: The New Order
Country of Origin Germany
Date of Birth May 10, 1922
  • 22 (Wolfenstein)
  • 38 (The New Order)
  • 39 (New Colossus)
  • Height Unknown
    Weight Unknown
    Sex Female
    Nationality German
    Occupation Leader of the Kreisau Circle
    Fate Unknown
  • Anna Graves (Wolfenstein)
  • Bonita Friedericy (The New Order)
  • Appearance(s)
  • Wolfenstein
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
  • Caroline Becker was the leader of the Kreisau Circle, or at the very least the Kreisau Circle of Isenstadt, in Wolfenstein. A former schoolteacher, she formed the group after her father was shot dead in the streets following Viktor Zetta's declaration of martial law. She is the Kreisau Circle mission giver in the Midtown hub map.


    1712845-caroline beckerb super

    Caroline Becker inside the Midtown Safe House.

    Caroline Becker is implied to have roughly equal standing to Erik Engle in the Kreisau Circle; other members of the Circle say that Caroline is the brains of the operation while Erik is the heart. Caroline is responsible for bringing Engle into the Kreisau Circle after nursing him back to health following the execution of his wife, and apparently regards him the same way she did her own father.

    Caroline is initially hesitant to trust B.J. Blazkowicz, even with Erik Engle's endorsement of him, and expresses skepticism that he will be able to infiltrate the heavily-guarded Nazi dig site. She becomes more trusting of him following his success, in contrast to Dr. Leonid Alexandrov of the Golden Dawn trusting B.J. less and less as the campaign goes on. She is aware from the beginning that there is a mole somewhere in the city's resistance network who is feeding information to the Nazis, and warns B.J. that this person must have tipped off the Nazis as to his arrival at the train station.

    At the end of the Midtown string of maps, if questioned repeatedly, Caroline will say she is going to meet a contact who has information that may assist the Kreisau Circle. This turns out to be a trap arranged by either Anton Kriege or Dr. Leonid Alexandrov, and Caroline is taken prisoner as B.J. transitions from Midtown to Downtown, being taken to the fortified castle overlooking the city.

    B.J. agrees to assist Erik Engle in storming the castle and attempting to free Caroline, chasing down Hans Grosse. On the roof he finds Wilhelm Strasse waiting for him, along with a machine designed to harness the power of the Veil. B.J. confronts Strasse, but backs down as he sees Hans has a Luger pointed at Caroline and drops his weapon. Strasse orders Hans to shoot B.J., but Caroline manages to knock his hand aside, the shot damaging the machine. In the ensuing scuffle, Caroline appears to have been fatally wounded by a gunshot from Hans' pistol.

    Shortly after Caroline is shot, the Queen Geist comes through the Veil and vaporizes what is left of the energy siphon machine. B.J. tries to check Caroline's pulse, but is distracted, first by trying to shoot at the fleeing Deathshead and Grosse, then by the Geist Queen. The Queen later pulls B.J. and everything else in the vicinity into the Black Sun dimension. The Queen then flies at B.J. for a killing blow, but flinches and drops him outside the castle. How Caroline escaped further damage during the ensuing battle or where she ended up is not known. Most of her fellow Kreisau Circle members believed she was dead, and Erik Engle takes over as the new leader in her place. Following Hans Grosse's defeat, the Zeppelin crashes into the castle and explodes, incinerating much of what was left.

    The New OrderEdit

    Power Suit

    Caroline Becker wearing the Da'at Yichud Power Suit

    Caroline Becker returns in Wolfenstein: The New Order.[1] Caroline recalls punching Hans Grosse, then being shot, then raising into the air (believing she was being pulled into heaven), then falling back to the ground. She woke up with extreme pain, and had to crawl away, and was found three days later in a ditch. She then spent months in a Kreisau Circle hospital to fight an infection. Between the shot and the fall, she was left with a fractured pelvis and six pulverized vertebrae, forcing her to use a wheelchair.

    Since the events in Isenstadt she has noticeably aged. She is still an active member of the resistance, despite being confined to a wheelchair. Her mobility issues ended when a set of Da'at Yichud Power Suit was brought back from the Underwater Vault, which has built-in neural-link interface that allows Caroline not only full mobility, but superhuman strength and agility as well, as exhibited when she took down two guard-robots single-handedly.

    The New ColossusEdit

    Untitled 2

    Caroline fights against the group of Nazis on the Eva's Hammer.

    Caroline is shown to fight and manage kill a group of Nazis's soldiers until she is knock out by a Super Soldier with large pipe in which she lands on the injured Fergus. She was possibly killed by Sigrun Engel with a fireaxe after being forced to by Irene Engel, but this has yet to be confirmed before the release of The New Colossus.



    The New OrderEdit


    • In Wolfenstein, Caroline is voiced by Anna Graves, who also provides the voice for the Veil Assassin and the nurse at the start of the mission Hospital.
    • In Downtown, Stefan Kriege will reveal he shot his brother Anton after the latter boasted about betraying B.J. at the train station and arranging for Caroline's abduction. However, on the Zeppelin Leonid Alexandrov reminds Deathshead that he was responsible for both. In the debriefing for Zeppelin, even B.J. himself doesn't seem to know how this is supposed to have worked, simply saying that Anton "must have been involved somehow."
    • Caroline seems to be an experienced pilot, even with her injuries. When the Kreisau Circle steals the Project Whisper helicopters, she shows incredible flying skills, including retracting the rotors in flight and deploying them seconds before hitting the water, as well as maneuvering the helicopter with ease through the narrow tunnel leading to their hangar.


    1. Andreas Öjerfors (Senior Gameplay Designer at Machine Games): »That's Caroline. That's one of the people in the resistance. She plays a very important role in the resistance. There's a larger cast of allies to BJ. So there's a large cast of both allies and antagonists. So that's Caroline. She's an older character who was also present in the 2009 Wolfenstein game. Her storyline continues in this game.« (

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