Castle Heidenheim is a location in the Episode 5 of Original Encounter and Episode 6 of Wolfenstein 3D.

It is one of two conflicting settings given for Episode 6 of Wolfenstein 3D. The castle is described as being "perched atop a small rise between two massive mountains".[1] Inside the castle can be found General Fettgesicht, the general behind the German chemical weapons plan. BJ Blazkowicz must enter the castle and kill the General to complete the final Episode of Wolfenstein 3D.

Offenbach is separately described[2] as the setting of the Episode, creating a contradiction.


Original Encounter/2nd EncounterEdit

After retrieving plans at Wolf's Lair, the plans, are discovered to detail the Nazis first attack stratagem, which is already underway at the time. Operative B.J. is ordered to Castle Heidenheim to face the Nazi Leader down only as the Death Knight. It was not an easy mission, and that was why they were sending Blazkowicz (this was his 2nd encounter with the knight since Castle Nuremberg).

Following the defeat of the Death Knight, B.J. is ordered to attempt an assassination of Hitler at Castle Wolfenstein.

3rd EncounterEdit

The real HeidenheimEdit

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Heidenheim is a real town in southern Germany. It also refers to a separate municipality.


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