Castle Keep is the second part of the Ominous Rumors mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Mission BriefingEdit


Part 2: Castle Keep

Orders are as follows: Infiltrate Castle Wolfenstein and investigate increase in activity from SS Paranormal Division. Gather any intelligence information you may find regarding said SS division and their activities in the area.
Kessler, your contact, is a member of a German resistance group called the Kreisau Circle. He has managed to partially infiltrate the SS Paranormal Division's temporary headquarters and has valuable information regarding their activities. Meet Kessler in the village near the archaeological dig site. He will have further information regarding your mission.
Remember: If you or Agent One are captured, escape at all costs. Standing Order #71 remains in effect: If you are placed in a compromising position where you might divulge information regarding your mission or the OSA, take your own life by ingesting your cyanide tablet.

As always, the OSA will disavow any knowledge of your identity and mission if you are compromised.

Good luck.


            Locate tram entrance



All Secrets RewardEdit


Return to Castle Wolfenstein map 2 - Castle Keep08:27

Return to Castle Wolfenstein map 2 - Castle Keep

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