Spear of Destiny ending sequence

The ending sequence of Spear of Destiny depicts the fiery fate of Castle Nuremberg.

Castle Nuremberg is stated to be the setting of Spear of Destiny by the Spear of Destiny Hint Book[1], and by the ending sequence of the game. The back box art of the game claims that the setting is Castle Wolfenstein instead,[2] but this is most likely a mistake.


  • Tunnels: The lowest section of the castle is a series of old tunnels built centuries ago as an extension of the dungeons. The Nazis have started using them as storage areas for ammunition and stolen treasure. This area features numerous narrow passages and cave-like rooms. The exit is guarded by Trans Grösse.
  • Dungeons: The castle's old dungeons have been transformed in heavily defended guard post against intruders. Most of the areas consist of blue stone walls and are littered with the skeletons of long-dead prisoners, displayed by the sadistic Nazis. The exit is guarded by Barnacle Wilhelm.
  • Castle: The main castle proper houses many guards, including many Mutants and numerous secret passages. Many of the floors have a distinctive castle-like layout. The key to the exit is held by the fearsome Übermutant.
  • The Ramparts: The uppermost section of the castle is a fortified tower where the Spear of Destiny is kept in a locked vault. The key to that vault has been entrusted to the Death Knight who stands ready to greet any foolish intruder.
  • The Death Dimension: Picking up the Spear will take B.J. Blazkowicz into this gruesome place, where the Angel of Death reigns among the innumerable corpses of its victims. To exit this hellish place, Blazkowicz will have to face and defeat the Angel in combat.

The real NuremburgEdit

Nuremberg is a real city in Bavaria, Germany. There are three castles in Nuremberg.


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