Deathshead Compound
"It's the break of dawn, July 16th, 1946. everything's gone to shit, the Nazi war machine is advancing at an astonishing rate. No one knows how. We can't catch up. Tactics are failing, outclassed & outgunned. No one knows why. People are getting desperate. Not me, I'm here to see an old friend and settle an old score, turn this thing around."
―William "B.J." Blazkowicz's internal monologue about the war.[src]

This is the introduction level in Wolfenstein: The New Order. The time is 1946 and B.J. Blazkowicz is leading the charge against Deathshead's compound.


Captain William "B.J" Blazkowicz begins asleep in a transport plane co-pilot seat, dreaming about having a normal family life, saying how he can't have it. He's woken up by Fergus Reid, who tells him he's going to go to the bathroom, when a plane next to there's, get's hit by flak and crashes into the side of B.J's plane. He tells B.J to clamp the fuel line engine six, and does so after getting pliers and some bailing wire. He then has go to the cargo hold and cut the straps holding the cargo to level out the plane. On his way back to the cockpit, a flak hits the plane and knocks him back. When at the cockpit, a fleet of German Jets ambushes them, so B.J is ordered to man the frontal gun of the aircraft. After shooting down an array of jets, one of the badly hit jets makes a suicide charge, impacting the plane and almost killing B.J in the process. As B.J regains consciousness, Fergus is able to revive him & gives him a med pack. One of the Allied planes, Condor Nine, makes a distress call and requests Fergus to assess the damage of the German fighters to their plane. After they retract the radar and do so, a flak hits the cockpit & they start to go down. Fergus tries to save them reasoning that it's a troop transport. While doing so, Fergus makes contact with Private Probst Wyatt III, a soldier of the U.S 109th Airborne Division and instructs him how to save the plane by maneuvering it upwards. Afterwards, Fergus & B.J exit their badly damaged plane by jumping to Condor 9. Aboard the Condor 9, B.J meets Private Prendergast and Private Gates. After B.J makes his way to the cockpit, Fergus instructs him to calm down Wyatt (by slapping him in the face). Afterwards, Fergus contacts OSA High Command to abort the mission, due to the number of casualties they have sustained. But they decline, insisting to Fergus that if their operation does not push through, they will lose Europe and probably the whole war. Fergus then complains of the low visibility, as the plane then crashes into the water.

Captain B.J can then be seen explaining their situation in the war while floating helplessly in the water,with Allied soldiers being seen slaughtered as he explains. He then finally wakes up to a Panzerhund making its way towards him.

As he wakes up, he is flung into the air, the Panzerhund then proceeds to attack B.J, but fails as he successfully evades by falling through the remains of the crashed plans' cockpit. Fergus then calls him saying that he and Wyatt are in the same predicament and is requesting immediate assistance. Through his request, he instructs BJ to swim to a nearby airplane turret and take out the 2 Panzerhunds roaming the beach. He then proceeds to swim towards the other plane, encountering a Stomper in the process, and uses the main gun on the other plane to take out the Panzerhunds. Fergus then tells B.J that they're pinned down by some MGs in some pillboxes, and has him run through the trenches while they cover him. After doing so, he then grenades the MG and starts fighting through the trenches to take out the others. He then uses a bomb to break into an enemy base, and Fergus tells him to take out the flak guns stationed there. After fighting through a lot of Nazis, he then does so, and uses the first flak to take out the Stomper. After exiting the base, he opens a door that has a Panzerhund on the other side. It attacks him, but then Wyatt comes in and takes it out using and grenade and telling it to "fetch". He then helps B.J up and they go to Fergus near the compound wall.

Fergus starts to tell them the plan when Private Gates arrives, barely dodging several rounds. B.J & a few others went to scale the wall and open the gate from the inside, then Fergus and Wyatt & their troops went in to meet up & kill Deathshead. While they were climbing the wall, a transport plane crashed into it. Gates got in, but was shot shortly after, to which he shot back & both died. B.J was the only one in, to which he opened the gate. He then sneaks & fights through the the compound until he meets up with Fergus & Wyatt, who are in an enormous firefight. after helping them with an MG turret. They continue on through another crashed plane. They get trapped, but BJ clears the way & they proceed. They then have to jump a gorge one at a time. When B.J does, they fall through the ground & are knocked unconscious for a short time.

They wake up a short time later to find Prendergast, whose eye was injured, with his legs broken. They find they're in an incinerator room with a bunch of dissected people. When trying to open the door, Wyatt accidentally turned on the incinerator. They try to get a door open & find a keyhole. B.J searches through the drawers, finds the key, & opens the door. He then grabs "broken feet" & they barely get out, with Fergus almost being caught on fire. They see pods on the floor & one of them, Blondie, goes to investigate it, only to have a Super Soldier break out & crush his head. They eventually kill it and it explodes. Wyatt hears someone coming, which turns out to be Deathshead, & he makes the walls close in on them. The compression knocks them unconscious, & they get captured. They're handcuffed & held down by super sodalts, and Deathshead recognizes B.J. He then is interested in Wyatt and Fergus' eyes, and asks B.J to choose which one he has him dissect. Whichever one he picks, he then does so in front of B.J. Afterwards, he has one soldier stay, turns on the incinerator & leaves them to die. The survivor then gets up, breaks off a pipe and throws it to B.J. The sodalt holds the survivor down and B.J rams the pipe into its back, killing it. Then the survivor and B.J. use the pipes to break the incinerator nozzles, then the survivor gets B.J.'so handcuffs off, and gets Prendergast while B.J. gets the window grate open. Once they do, they jump out right before the room explodes.


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Secret areasEdit

  1. When the player places the bomb at the door to blow it open, he/she can instead go back to where the last commander was. There's a room with a stockpile of warheads stored, the player can place the bomb there to blow open a secret underground passage that will take him/her to closer position to the next commander.
  2. After pulling the lever to open the door, two blocks with large chains on them will lower, allowing the player to proceed. On the left one there's a small hole that will lead to the lower floor. Opening the following door will have the player end up right next to the commanders
  3. Next to Deathshead's portrait there is a knight statue with an misaligned sword to the right. Fix the sword position and a hidden door will reveal itself behind the painting.

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  • Chapter 1 and chapter 2 are the only chapters on which the player doesn't use the 1960's German version of the knife, instead opting to use an M1918 Trench Knife on Chapter 1 and a kitchen knife on Chapter 2.
  • In this level, Fergus makes a direct reference to Frankenstein, a Gothic horror novel which is about a scientist who tries to play God by creating a grotesque creature, which raises the question of what is ethical in science. Many of these elements are seen in this level.
  • While in the Super Soldier's room, Fergus says that Wyatt's life isn't any more important than any other soldiers, making a direct reference to how commanders viewed their soldiers at the time; who'd often throw hundreds of soldiers into a suicide charge at an attempt of getting somewhere.
  • The last part of this level is the most significant part of the game's entire story. The choice on who to save changes the game's timeline, it causes B.J to remain in a brain-dead vegetable state for 14 years & he gets flashbacks throughout the game of that day.
  • This is the only chapter on which Fergus and Wyatt interact with each other.

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