Chateau levelshot

The level shot for Chateau Schufstaffel.

Chateau Schufstaffel is the third part of the Return Engagement mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Mission BriefingEdit

The "Anointing Ceremony" for the Super Soldiers is reported to be taking place somewhere near the chateau. According to the Operation: Resurrection project book recovered from the "X-Labs", the three Super Soldiers are to be "anointed" by Marianna Blavatsky whereby they will be transformed into "Dark Knights". According to the project book the presence of these "Dark Knights" is necessary for the final phase of their plan; to raise Heinrich I from his 1000 year old burial site.

You must, if possible, stop the ceremony before it begins and destroy the Super Soldiers before their transformation. If their transformation does take place there will be no way of judging how much more powerful they will be, or if it will even be possible to stop them. Also, there will still be a number of SS Paranormal Operatives in the chateau; ensure that you eliminate them.



First, walk upstairs from the basement until you get to see the Black Guard, hide until General Von Shurber finishes ordering him. Once the guard is gone, walk across the garden until you get to the door. Use the Sten to shoot the cable holding the barrels to kill them instantly.

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