Wolf3D Clip

An ammo from Wolfenstein 3D.

Ammo (also known as Ammo Clips or just Clips) are the main source of bullets throughout both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny. They are placed individually on the map, giving the player 8 bullets when picked up.

Non-boss enemies who carry guns also will also drop ammo upon death, but these used ammo only give 4 bullets. They are identical in appearance to other ammo, referring to the same sprite.


As with healing items, try not to pick up an ammo if you can't use all the bullets. In harder difficulty levels, such as "I am Death incarnate!", you'll need to utilize all the rounds in an ammo clip so that you don't run out of bullets.

In other gamesEdit

Lost Episodes Clip

An ammo clip from the Mission packs.

The Mission packs uses a new sprite for the ammo clip. It is functionally identical.

In the Mac Family, all ammo will give the player 5 rounds of bullets, regardless of where they are found. In these ports based off the SNES, the ammo is almost completely replaced by Ammo Boxes.


  • Gun enthusiasts would note that the "Clip" is actually a magazine. Incorrect as it may be, the game's source code refers to it as "bo_clip".[1]
  • The source code does not provide a unique name for used clips, instead calling them "bo_clip2".[2]


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