The Corps Book is a collection of Nazi documents found in the Cursed Sands prologue.



Location: Village of Ras el-Hadid - N24 55' 24 E33 42' 18

The village section consists of mainly sandy areas, leading to a rocky highland in the west which contains the ruins, tombs, and airfield.

The village has an adequate water supply. Your men should be able to confiscate enough food to sustain the research team.

Ras el-Hadid is a small Egyptian village, far enough from the Nile to be of little interest to the Allies. The ruins area is close to the west end of the village, and a distant airfield lies beyond the rocky terrain of the ruins. The airfield is suitable for both the Ju-52 Junkers cargo aircraft and the accompanying Me-109 fighters . Supplies can be ferried into the village by an access road leading from the airfield.

A large portion of the inhabitants appear to have fled to larger cities in the area. Your small occupying force should have little trouble subduing the locals. You are authorized to use any means necessary to control the remaining local population.

Intelligence reports indicate that the Allies won't have enough forces in the region to mount an assault on your location in the event that they become aware of our activities.

Professor Werner Schmidt and his team of archaeologists have been tasked with recovering a pair of ancient tablets that are of great interest to the Third Reich. You have been assigned to ensure that they are located and delivered to Germany as soon as possible.

The ruins area leads to a labyrinth of tombs, which remain largely untouched due to superstitions held by the locals. The tablets should be located deep within the tombs. Your equipment will include a portable lift that should aid in the movement of men and materials into the lower tombs.

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