Da'at Yichud Safe

The Da'at Yichud Safe is a secret ancient location seen in Wolfenstein: The New Order. It is one of the many safes used by the ancient society known as the Da'at Yichud.

Wolfenstein: The New OrderEdit

After capturing the Eva's Hammer, B.J. Blazkowicz, Set Roth, and another (either Fergus Reid or Probst Wyatt III) descend into the Atlantic Ocean where they enter the safe with the help of Set's knowledge and rhymes to access the doors. Upon arriving, Blazkowicz uses his LaserKraftWerk to activate the stairs so he can lower the lift leading up into the vault. Once inside, the three return with 3 Spindly Torques and the Power Suit that they give to Caroline Becker.

Furthermore, it can assumed that the Kreisau Circle converts the place into one of their base of operation.

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