For the episode of Wolfenstein 3D titled "A Dark Secret", see Episode 4.

Dark Secret is the second mission in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Having escaped from Castle Wolfenstein, B.J. Blazkowicz meets up with his Kreisau contact, Kessler, and infiltrates the town of Wulfburg. There, he discovers the entrance to a network of ancient crypts, which are being excavated by the Nazis in order to find the remains of a Dark Knight.

Unfortunately, the Nazis' meddling has unleashed ancient dark powers and awakened hordes of ravenous Undead, which attack anything in sight. Fighting his way through the crypts, Blazkowicz eventually reaches an ancient defiled church and faces the lethal Elite Guard, as he races to stop the Nazis from acquiring another ancient artifact - the Dagger of Warding.


There are five different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: VillageEdit

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Part 2: CatacombsEdit

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Part 3: CryptEdit

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Part 4: The Defiled ChurchEdit

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Part 5: TombEdit

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