Deadly Designs is the fourth mission in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

The OSA has tracked down Deathshead to his Secret Weapons Facility (SWF) hidden beneath the town of Kugelstadt. The town itself is undergoing intense Allied bombing, which creates a good opportunity to infiltrate it.

B.J. Blazkowicz enters the town with the help of Kreisau Circle agents and their captured tank. He assists in the defection of a SWF scientist and then proceeds to a bombed weapons factory, from where he obtains a detailed Venom Gun Project Book.

Blazkowicz eventually locates a working elevator to the SWF and infiltrates the underground complex. He is too late to stop Deathshead from fleeing with a submarine. Interrogation of a Nazi officer, however, reveals the coordinates of the mad scientist's X-Labs in occupied Norway.


There are four different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: KugelstadtEdit

Main article: Kugelstadt


Part 2: The Bombed FactoryEdit

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Part 3: The TrainyardsEdit

Main article: The Trainyards


  • Gain access to the main warehouse complex.
  • Locate the primary lift and proceed to the Secret Weapons Facility.

Part 4: Secret Weapons FacilityEdit


  • Locate Deathshead's U-boat pen.
  • Obtain information on Deathshead's destination.