Deathshead's Playground is the fifth mission in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

B.J. Blazkowicz is parachuted into occupied Norway at the coordinates he obtained from the Secret Weapons Facility. He fights his way into the X-Labs and encounters more creatures born from dark Nazi experiments and obtains a project book, which details exactly what Operation Resurrection is.

Blazkowicz tracks down Deathshead and faces his most terrible creation - the Super Soldier. Against all odds, the agent defeats the cybernetic monstrosity, yet Deathshead evades capture, escaping with a "Kobra" rocket plane.


There are three different parts of this mission. They are detailed below:

Part 1: Ice Station NorwayEdit

Main article: Ice Station Norway


  • Breach "X-Labs" outer compound.
  • Gain access to main secure lab area.

Part 2: X-LabsEdit

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Part 3: Super SoldierEdit

Main article: Super Soldier


  • Pursue Deathshead to the "Uber Soldat" Test Lab.
  • Eliminate Deathshead's "Uber Soldat".
  • Locate exit and proceed to the surface.