B.J Obtaining the Mire Crystal at the Dig Site.

The Dig Site is the first mission of the game, given by the Kreisau Circle Leader Caroline Becker. This level introduces the new character Sergei Kovlov, the Younger Golden Dawn member from the Soviet Union as well as the Thule Medallion. This mission also introduces the new faction, Golden Dawn. The mission must be completed in order to gain access to the Golden Dawn safehouse.


  • Investigate the Dig Site.
  • Obtain the Device.
  • Destroy the Portal.
  • Escape from the Dig Site.


There is a total of eleven gold, six Intel and one Tome to be found in this level.

  • The Tome can be found on a veil wall shortly after finding the medallion.


Trivia Edit

There is a pickaxe that the player can use as a melee weapon.