B.J finding hidden gold stanches in Downtown.

Downtown  is an area near the center of Isenstadt the fictional German city that is the setting of Wolfenstein. It becomes avalable after completing the Cannery mission. Like Midtown it serves as part of the game's hub area and is devided into East and West. 


The buildings Downtown are much more heavily damaged than in Midtown, possibly due to Allied bombing. The headquarters of the Black Market, Golden Dawn, and Kreisau Circle relocate to this area after leaving midtown.

Downtown has a stronger Nazi preasence than Midtown. SS soldiers, Heavy Troopers, Scribes and Elite Guards can all be found it this area. Unlike those found in Midtown, Elite Guards will reanimate dead enemies as Despoiled. Following the completion of the mission Castle Rocket Troopers will be encountered in the area. A Tiger tank will block you way to the Airfield but only after being given the objctive to go there.


There are a total Thirty-Three Gold, Nine Intel and Two Tomes found in this location.