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Drones (German: Drohnen)
are aerial robots used by the Nazis in the 1940s and 1960s.


The WESPE drone is an unmanned combat aircraft controlled by a basic AI unit. It was developed in the late 40s by Dr. Ludwig Wald, one of Germania's top radio engineers, as a way to efficiently survey large areas of Nazi-controlled cities from above without requiring a human component. Since then, it has been enhanced with numerous abilities, such as power-efficient laser cannons and ramjet engines.

By 1960 a handful of Drones, presumably modified to operate above the lunar surface, had been deployed to guard the exterior of the Nazi moon base.

1961 Edit

Despite it's bulkier new design, the drone is quite weak since BJ can kill it with a few shots from a Machinepistole or one single shot from a Hammergewehr. In fact it appears to be actually an older (1950s) model than the 1960 drone version. This is probably due to the fact that German forces in the 'American Colonies' have a relatively lower priority with regards as to most new equipment (the ÜberSoldat being one of the notable exceptions to this). This is in turn due in part to the ongoing war in Africa, but also because (ironically as it turns out) America in general was considered to having been successfully 'pacified'.


  • The Drone can be quite a nuisance due to its speed and long-range accuracy. However, it has fairly weak armor and can be brought down by one shotgun blast if close enough.
  • The Drones fought on the moon can be one-shotted using the Laserkraftwerk (provided that player has upgraded the weapon), and are only encountered in areas where a charge station is nearby.


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