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Drones (German: Drohnen)
are aerial robots used by the Nazis in the 1940s and 1960s.


The WESPE drone is an unmanned combat aircraft controlled by a basic AI unit. It was developed in the late 40s by Dr. Ludwig Wald, one of Germania's top radio engineers, as a way to efficiently survey large areas of Nazi-controlled cities from above without requiring a human component. Since then, it has been enhanced with numerous abilities, such as power-efficient laser cannons and ramjet engines.

By 1960 a handful of Drones, presumably modified to operate above the lunar surface, had been deployed to guard the exterior of the Nazi moon base.


  • The Drone can be quite a nuisance due to its speed and long-range accuracy. However, it has fairly weak armor and can be brought down by one shotgun blast if close enough.
  • The Drones fought on the moon can be one-shotted using the Laserkraftwerk (provided that player has upgraded the weapon), and are only encountered in areas where a charge station is nearby.


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