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The Eisenpfeil is a wide gauge, high-speed rail network that connects Constantinople (Istanbul) in Turkey, Warsaw in Poland, Berlin (Welthaupstadt Germania), and Zagreb in Annexed Croatia.

In Wolfenstein: The New Order Edit

BJ Blazkowicz and Anya take the Eisenpfeil Train from Poland to Berlin in order to meet up with members of the resistance. There, they meet Frau Engel and her subordinate, Bubi, who both subject BJ to a "test" to determine his ethnicity/psychological reactions. Following that moment, BJ and Anya retire to their room and make love before arriving in Berlin.

Trivia Edit

  • The Eisenpfeil is presumably based off the Breitspurbahn, a proposed, high speed wide gauge rail network that would have connected much of Europe following the planned Nazi victory in World War 2.
  • Eisenpfeil translates to "Iron Arrow" in english.

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