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Eisenwald Prison is in Berlin and holds enemies of the Nazi regime.


As the most notorious prison in Berlin, Eisenwald holds not only hardcore criminals, but also the more subversive elements that still exist in the city. According to the authorities, there has never been a successful escape attempt since its opening in 1949.

Zellenblock BEdit


The B block is where the Nazis incarcerated political prisoners and resistance fighters. The block has been outfitted with special torture chambers where the Secret Police regularly interrogate the prisoners. The key story character, Fergus or Wyatt, was locked up in B-2 room before B.J.'s arrival.

The New OrderEdit

After arriving in Berlin, B.J. manages to sneak into a prisoner transport in order to get into Eisenwald. Once there, he sneaks past the entrance, taking out security guards and personnel within the prison. He narrowly avoids being eaten by a panzerhund before getting into Zellenblock B. Once there, he manages to free either Fergus or Wyatt before inciting a mass prison riot. They fight their way out of the prison before reaching the Kreisau Circle's hideout.

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