Fully upgraded Empower

Empower is a Veil Power in Wolfenstein that increases the damage dealt. Used correctly, it can allow even the weakest weapon to obliterate Nazis. It is the last veil power you get, acquired near the end of Hospital mission.


The main use that comes from using Empower is the ability to shoot through Shields, made by Scribes or Veil machines, so you don't need to fear the shielded MG42 anymore. With upgrades, it can pierce thin cover and walls. The drain it places on Veil energy is the least of the 3 Veil Powers, but sustained use will still drain Veil energy very quickly. So use the energy in short bursts, active only long enough to infuse bullets with Veil energy, will ensure the least amount of energy used, with maximum carnage. When activated, a red aura is visible on the weapon. And a hot bullethole will be remain on whatever you shoot at for a short time. Used carefully, this Power can ensure a very quick end to almost all enemies.

The firepower of almost all weapons will be greatly increased with Empower, you may see the enemies being gib or sent in the air. Invaluable when facing tough enemies such as the Scribes or the Drache Troopers, but empowered attacks won't work on Heavy troopers for some reason, although this can brake the weak spot very quickly without using strong weapon. When facing a group of enemies, combine Shield and Empower can make you temporarily unstoppable, be advised that this can dry your veil energy fairly quickly.


There are only 2 upgrades for the Empower power. They are:

  • Piercing Crystal. Unlock: complete Hospital. Costs: $1,000. Gives the Empower power the ability to pierce most light cover. Very useful ability for dealing with virtually all enemies.
  • Penetrating Crystal. Unlock: complete Cannery. Costs: $2,000. Gives the Empower power the ability to pierce through metal, stone, and concrete. Absolutely useful ability for firing without moving from cover.

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