Floor 10
E1M10 screenshot
The seemingly neverending purple walls and ceiling, combined with the creepy music, create a very ominous mood.
Part of Episode 1
Par time None
Music "Corner"
Secrets 15
Secret level Yes
Accessed from Floor 1
Crosses 15
Chalices 27
Chests 30
Crowns 42
One Ups 6
Total 120
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 17 31 51
SS 3 13 24
Dogs 2 4 6
Total 22 48 81
(before bonuses)
258600 265400 273300
Episode One, Floor Ten is the secret level for Wolfenstein 3D episode "Escape from Wolfenstein".


The level is comprised almost entirely of purple stone walls, with purple ceiling throughout. This alien atmosphere contrasts with the formality and regularity of the remainder of Castle Wolfenstein.

The player begins at the forefront of a twisting hallway. To his left is a room of Treasure, guarded by a deaf SS (beginning at "I am Death incarnate!" difficulty). 2 Guards and (sometimes) an SS guard the visible end of the hallway, outside another Treasure room. More goodies may be found in subsequent side rooms.

Exiting this first hallway and entering the second, one is presented with a choice of path (as well as a few Secrets[secrets 1, 2, 3]):

  1. The first great leg of hallways in the level is necessary to find a gold Key to exit the level.
    1. This opens immediately to a set of 2/4/6 Dogs, running along a lengthy Path. 2 Guards are later found, after a Secret[secret 4]. The next hallway has two entrances- the first may be used to ambush 2/4/6 Guards.
    2. A blue-walled region comes next, with Guards and 2 Secrets[secrets 5, 6].
    3. The next hallway contains many deaf enemies, as well as two Secrets[secrets 8, 9] which provide a shortcut to the end of the second great leg of hallways. The final room contains the gold Key, a One Up, and a Secret[secret 7] for three more One Ups.
  2. The second great leg of hallways contains a locked door to the exit of the level.
    1. The first two hallways contain three Secrets[secrets 10, 11, 13] as well as a door to a wooden area with another Secret[secret 12].
    2. A brief gray stone region exits to more purple stone, which exits to the end region of the level.

The end region of the level is comprised of stark, clean red brick. Beyond a gold Key-locked door, a trap: two identical-appearing elevator doors, one of which reveals the exit and one of which reveals 1/5/7 SS (as well as a Secret[secret 15]). The true exit is on the left (west) of the room.


  1. Found in the second twisting hallway in the level next to 1/2/3 Guard spawns, this Secret contains Food and Ammo.
    1. Found in the above Secret, this one contains 6 Chests
      1. Found in the above Secret, this one contains 6 Crowns
  2. In the first great leg of hallways, one may push a plain purple wall to find four Crowns
  3. In the blue region of the first great leg of hallways, one may push a plain blue wall in between two barrels to find various Treasure
  4. In the same blue region, one may push a plain blue wall to find more Treasure
  5. At the end of the great first leg, near the Key on the floor and next to a One Up, one may push a wall to find three more One Ups
  6. In the second hallway from the golden Key, one may find a pushable wall inside a notch with a Chalice inside.
    1. Inside the above Secret, we may push another wall to find a shortcut to the end of the second great twisting leg of hallways. Actually accessible without the above secret, but not pushable because it is blocked.
  7. At the beginning of the second great twisting leg of hallways, one may push a plain purple wall for Ammo
  8. Near the previous Secret, one may find another that opens to Chests
  9. In a brief wooden hallway in the second great twisting leg of hallways, one may push a Hitler-adorned wooden wall for Treasure, Food, and Ammo
  10. In the second leg of hallways, one may push a purple wall for Ammo and First Aid kits
  11. Near the outside of the locked doors to the end-of-level area, one may push a plain red brick wall for a large Treasure cache
  12. Inside the boobytrapped false elevator door, behind the hordes of SS placed to ambush the player, one can push a wall for Crowns and two One Ups

Fart Edit

This level is one of three levels (the others being Episode 2/Floor 9 and Episode 2/Floor 10) in which killing a non-boss enemy has a one in 256 chance of producing a fart sound instead of the regular death sound.[1][2]




References Edit

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