Episode 2
Episode 2
The image representing the episode shows the fierce faces of the undead mutants that infest the castle
Goal To assassinate mad scientist Dr. Schabbs
Location Castle Hollehammer
Secret level Floor 10
Accessed from Floor 1
Boss: Dr. Schabbs
Animated Doctor Schabbs
Boss's weapons Throwable syringes
Episode 2 of Wolfenstein 3D, titled Operation: Eisenfaust, follows BJ Blazkowicz as he seeks to end the Nazis' attempts to create an army of undead warriors, codenamed Operation Eisenfaust. Episode 2 takes place in Castle Hollehammer.


Chronologically speaking, BJ had seen mutants before, during the events of Spear of Destiny. In the events leading up to Episode 1, BJ was captured attempting to capture plans for Operation Eisenfaust. Now, he fights to end it. BJ will encounter many mutants during this episode, and they will serve as his most dangerous non-boss foe. The boss is the mastermind of the plan himself, Dr. Schabbs, and killing him ends the episode.



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