Floor 7
A notable feature of this level is a secluded nest of Mutants who appear to have attacked and killed several Guards.
Part of Episode 2
Par time 1:00
Music "Headache"
Secrets 2
Crosses 0
Chalices 2
Chests 1
Crowns 21
One Ups 4
Total 28
Difficulty Can I Play, Daddy?"Don't hurt me." "Bring 'em on!" "I am Death incarnate!"
Guards 5 14 26
SS 5 9 17
Mutants 4 7 11
Total 14 30 54
(before bonuses)
112800 117800 125800
Episode Two, Floor Seven is the seventh level of Wolfenstein 3D episode "Operation: Eisenfaust".


The level is notable for its initial appearance as very small- there are only three rooms and a hallway that can be explored before finding the elevator. Reflecting this, it ties with Episode 4, Floor 4 for the shortest Par time - one minute. In fact the exit of this level can be achieved in even less time than Episode 4 Floor 4 and, enemy/door tricks (present in some other floors) aside, faster than any other normal level in the game. A Secret[secret 1] may be found in the elevator room, however, which leads to a much larger area. This area appears to be somewhat decrepit, as the clean stone walls of the original 3 rooms become quickly moss-covered. It is not unpopulated, however, as Guards, SS, and Mutants stand and Patrol in the vicinity.

Eventually, in the westernmost portion of the level, one may come upon an unusual feature - a hidden purple stone room full of Mutants, with already-dead Guards littering the floor as well as the hallway outside. Only very rarely are Guards placed in a map already dead, the implication here seeming to be that the Mutants have attacked and killed them.


There are only two Secrets in the level:

  1. An SS stands in front of a golden eagle-adorned wall in the north of the elevator room which can be pushed to reveal the hidden majority of the level.
  2. An otherwise unremarkable-appearing dirty brick wall is marked by a pile of bones in a room full of hanging Skeletons, pushable to reveal 5 Treasure and a One Up.




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