For the mission of Return to Castle Wolfenstein, see Dark Secret.
Episode 4
Episode 4
The image representing the episode shows a toxic barrel, with poison leaking from the lid
Goal To assassinate Otto Giftmacher
Secret level Floor 10
Accessed from Floor 3
Boss: Otto Giftmacher
Animated Otto Giftmacher
Boss's weapons Rocket Launcher

Episode Four of Wolfenstein 3D, titled A Dark Secret, is the first in the Nocturnal Missions trilogy of episodes which was initially sold separately from the game's first three episodes, later fully integrated into the game.


The Nocturnal Missions depict BJ Blazkowicz's struggle to end the German chemical warfare campaign (Giftkrieg - "poison war") . The first task, and the main goal of Episode 4, is to find and defeat the mad scientist behind the creation of the chemical weapons. After fighting through a weapons research facility, BJ approaches and defeats this scientist: Otto Giftmacher (Poisonmaker).



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