Episode 1
Episode 1
The image representing the episode shows an imposing view of the castle, perhaps from the point of view of BJ as he is dragged in for imprisonment
Goal To escape from Castle Wolfenstein
Location Castle Wolfenstein
Secret level Floor 10
Accessed from Floor 1
Boss: Hans Grösse
Animated Hans Grosse
Boss's weapons Dual chain guns
Episode One of Wolfenstein 3D, titled Escape from Wolfenstein, follows William J. Blazkowicz as he escapes Castle Wolfenstein. It is the only episode of Wolfenstein 3D to actually take place in Castle Wolfenstein itself. Episode One is the only Episode available on the shareware (free) version of Wolfenstein 3D.


BJ has been captured while attempting to find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust. He is placed in a cell under the watch of a Guard, after undergoing torture he manages to overpower the guard and obtain a Knife and Pistol from him. He traverses nine (or ten) floors until he reaches the end, which is guarded by Hans Grösse, a Nazi enforcer and the "boss" of Episode One. BJ manages to kill him, and escapes.



  • John Romero publicized his record time for finishing Episode One: five minutes and twenty seconds. He challenges the player to defeat his times:[1]
    1. Floor 1: 24 seconds
    2. Floor 2: 39 seconds
    3. Floor 3: 28 seconds
    4. Floor 4: 34 seconds
    5. Floor 5: 51 seconds
    6. Floor 6: 59 seconds
    7. Floor 7: 39 seconds
    8. Floor 8: 33 seconds
    9. Floor 9: 13 seconds
    10. Floor 10: (not scored)

The Floor 9 time is not explicitly given, but is the result of subtracting all other floor times from the total time of five minutes and twenty seconds.

  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood's first half is a remake of this Episode.


  1. Cloud, Kevin. The Official Hint Manual for Wolfenstein 3D. Apogee Software, 1992. Web. (Third-party scan)


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