1712846-erik engle

Erik Engle with Caroline Becker discussing a plan to destruct one of the main Nazi key-Point supply especially the Black Sun Energy Container shipping back and forward.

Erik Engle is the second in command of the Kreisau Circle, later becoming the leader of the resistance after Caroline's "death".


He was first seen in "Train Station", where his men lead B.J. Blazkowicz to the sewers, ensuring his escape from the Nazis. Later, he operates along with B.J. to investigate the mysterious gravity-cancelling train containers.

Later eventsEdit

When Caroline was captured, he lead the entire Resistance to save her. He provided assistance to the Golden Dawn to the Zeppelin and telling B.J. that it's not his fault Caroline died. In the end, he and the Resistance freed the entire town of Isenstadt


Erik's fate is not revealed in-game, nor does he appear in the game's sequel, The New Order, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.

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