Eva's Hammer
"You know what you have here Captain Blazkowicz? This is the Eva's Hammer. The Crown jewel of the Nazi U-Boat fleet. There's a nuclear cannon on this boat. Uh, correction. Our nuclear cannon"
Fergus Reid speaking to Blazkowicz about the Eva's Hammer[src]

Eva's Hammer is the largest U-boat in the Kriegsmarine and the world. It is seen in the 2014 game Wolfenstein: The New Order, as well the 2017 game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. The submarine is now the Kreisau Circle and American Resistance network's HQ.

Wolfenstein: The New OrderEdit


The cannon used by the Eva's Hammer to launch Spindly Torque as well as nuclear shell.

The Eva's Hammer is not seen until Chapter 11 - U-Boat where B.J. Blazkowicz stows away inside a torpedo delivered to the U-Boat by one of Klaus Kreutz's contacts. Having boarded the ship, Blazkowicz clears the vessel of its crew to make it secure for the other members of the Kreisau Circle to board. They then use the craft to access Set Roth's Da'at Yichud safe keep below the Atlantic Ocean.

By the final chapter, the Kreisau Circle used the Eva's Hammer to attack Deathshead's Compound. They fired a Spindly Torque from its cannon to attack the defending Nazi forces. They also used the ship's nuclear cannon after Blazkowicz obtained the nuclear decryption keys from the Lunar Base to destroy Deathshead's Compound with a nuclear shell.

Wolfenstein: The New Colossus Edit


The Eva's Hammer under attack by the Ausmerzer.

The Eva's Hammer became the Kreisau Circle's new, mobile headquarters after the assault on Deathshead's Compound. Because of this status and its capacity to launch nuclear shells it became a priority target for the German Government to recapture or destroy it. The Kreisau Circle then directed the Eva's Hammer to link up with the resistance forces in the former United States, coming under attack from Nazi forces in the Atlantic Ocean.

After BJ's 5 month coma, the Eva's Hammer was attacked by Irene and her death squad to kill BJ and avenge Deathshead's death. It is revealed that BJ didn't clean up all the Nazi personnel in the U-boat during his initial assault due to its tremendous size. The remaining Nazi soldiers hid in the obscured Section F of the U-boat and managed to transmit signals for help. This leads to the Ausmerzer following, tracking down, and attacking the Eva's Hammer. After B.J. disposing the remaining Nazi and the transmitter, the Eva's Hammer becomes under full control of the Kreisau Circle and the American Resistance network.


  • The U-boat is most likely named after Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler's lover and wife.
  • Eva's Hammer is based on the real world plans for the Kriegsmarine's Cruiser Class U-boats. These vessels would have been twice as large as the standard U-boat of the German Navy and would have been capable of carrying the Arado Ar-231 scout seaplane as well as the Flettner Fl-282 helicopter.
  • It appears that the Eva's Hammer is also an aircraft carrier submarine, as numerous retro-futuristic Ho-229 can be seen docking through the glass at the staircase in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

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