"Well, crazy and dedicated. Welcome to the war!"
―Fergus Reid to Private Gates in 1946.[src]

Fergus Reid is B.J.'s squad leader during the assault on Deathshead's Compound at the beginning of Wolfenstein: The New Order. He can be saved by B.J. in the 1946 prologue. If chosen to be dissected, he becomes Deathshead's "finest work" for over decades as a prototype for Deathshead's robot, whom he nicknamed Machine Man.

In his timeline, Blazkowicz can upgrade his health bar. Each upgrade adds 10 extra health points to the player's maximum, giving more health, unlike Wyatt's timeline, where the armor is temporary. He is portrayed and voiced by Gideon Emery.


Born and raised in the Scottish lowlands, Fergus Reid's childhood was defined by poverty and hardships. Early on, he developed a cynical outlook on life. Sarcasm became a tool finely honed for dealing with the cruelty of fate. At age 16, Fergus found a job in the Glasgow shipyard where he would remain at until the depression of the 1930s hit Scotland hard and he was made redundant.

After years of scraping by, World War II broke out and Fergus moved to Perth in central Scotland. There, he joined the parachute regiment and trained as an aviation mechanic before an alcohol-induced bet got him promoted to airman.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Edit

After defeating the monster at the end of the game, B.J. is knocked out by a falling rock. Fergus arrives to get him back on his feet and escort him out of Wulfburg. They arrive at R.A.F. Kinloss, where they prepare for the assault on Deathshead's Compound.

Wolfenstein: The New OrderEdit


Fergus at age 39.

Fergus accompanies B.J. and other Allied troops, including Probst Wyatt III, in assaulting Deathshead's Compound and ends up being captured by Deathshead himself. If Fergus is chosen, he accepts his death as he is dissected. If Wyatt is chosen, he is dissected, and Fergus and B.J. watch in horror.

B.J., Fergus and Prendergast escape the compound, as he and Prendergast are separated from B.J., who was hit by shrapnel. Fergus and Prendergast accompany the Kreisau Circle with Caroline Becker and other members: the obsessed genius Tekla, Englishman Bobby Bram, former Nazi Klaus Kreutz and his "son" Max Hass. Fergus would become weary of his old age, and haunted by Wyatt's death as he saw the latter to have potential and give them a future.

Fergus TimelineEdit

"Here I was, getting ready for the eternal nap. And this Nazi killing jammy bastard shows up out of nowhere. What have you've been up to, Blazkowicz?"
―Fergus and B.J. meet again in 1960, Eisenwald Prison.

By 1960, Fergus is sent to Eisenwald Prison where he and others are tortured. However, he is saved by B.J., who had come out of his state and was helped by Anya Oliwa. He and Blazkowicz managed to escape and regroup with the Kreisau Circle. Eventually, he aided the Kreisau Circle in retrieving the stealth helicopters of Project Whisper located at the London Nautica, losing Bram, who gave B.J. enough time by destroying the London Nautica front.

After returning back to the Kreisau Circle, B.J. goes to Fergus in order to retrieve keys to the archive room. Fergus loses his cool with Blazkowicz on account of Wyatt's death at the hands of Deathshead. Fergus yells at B.J., considering himself nothing but a worthless skeleton" from the past and orders B.J. out of his room. Fergus is later seen telling B.J. that the power tool Set Roth needs to finish the U-Boat is down the entrance. Roth tells the resistance that there is some Da'at Yichud technology. The trio later go to one of the safes and get the Spindly Torque and power suit. Fergus and B.J. use the torque on a bridge, with B.J. getting the German officer's suit for the Moon.

Final Assault on DeathsheadEdit

"Don't fuck this up, you magnificent cunt."
―Fergus before the assault.

Fergus is later seen at the HQ as Irene Engel and her forces attack the base. Fergus, Becker, B.J., Max and Klaus escape as Klaus dies of his wounds. During the final assault, Fergus tells B.J. not to mess this up. B.J. also encounters Bubi, whom he kills, and meets Private Wyatt in the Prototype Robot. B.J. and Deathshead battle and B.J. wounds him. As the he mauls the General, the Nazi officer triggers and detonates a grenade, killing himself in the process. After Blazkowicz is injured by Deathshead, Fergus asks Blazkowicz for clearance to fire the nuclear cannon. Blazkowicz tells him it's clear.

Wolfenstein: The New ColossusEdit

"...enough of these fucking Nazis wankers! Take to the streets and show'em...that the free people of Scotland...will never surrender! Fergus out."
―Fergus on live-television during the credits.

Fergus's cybernetic right arm

Like with Wyatt, the save file involving the choice to save him can be transferred over to the next installment to reprise his appearance or if the player has not played the New Order, can choose his timeline in a flashback. He is seen in the prologue saving B.J. in the remains of Death Head's castle. He loses his right arm from Irene's axe after Sigrun pushed her mother away from delivering a decapitation move on him. However, he managed to grasp the pistol and shoot at the surrounding Nazi soldiers.

After they escape, Set Roth replaces his arm with a cybernetic one. However, his new prosthesis is unstable, seen when it repeatedly smashes a biscuit in his face as he tries to test out his new arm. Since Caroline was killed by Irene Engel, he took leadership over the Kreisau Circle. Due to his aggressive personality compared to Wyatt, he often gets into a heated argument with Grace Walker over trivial things because of Grace's somewhat foul mouth and insensitive attitude.

It is revealed that his cybernetic right hand can detach itself and can be controlled from the distance by Fergus to perform stealth kill in which he control the hand to crush the skull of a Nazi patrol in New Orleans. That being said, the arm frequently abuses Fergus, bruising his right arm and humiliating him. Fergus has enough when the arm touches Maria, a woman he wanted to ask on a date at BJ's 50th birthday party. Smashing the arm, he leaves it, but it's returned to him after BJ finds it.

After BJ kills Irene Engel on the Jimmy Carver Show, Horton Boone and Grace Walker give a speech to America to stand against the Nazis. During the credits, Fergus yells that he has had enough these "Nazi wankers", telling America to take them to the streets and show that the free people of Scotland never surrender.

Wyatt's TimelineEdit

Like on Wyatt's dissection, Fergus is the prototype of Deathshead's experiment on using the brain and a mechanical beast in war. In 1960, Deathshead's research has finished during the assault on his compound. B.J. and Fergus (in the prototype) battle, with the machine's only line of weakness being grenades. B.J. defeats him as Fergus begs him to kill him, opening the pad for his brain. B.J. tells him that he'll "see [him] soon in a better place than this", and destroys Fergus' brain with the LaserKraftWerk, ending Reid's suffering.


Fergus wears a RAF uniform, wearing a helmet and having a small goatee in The Old Blood and The New Order. In his timeline, Fergus has numerous scars on his face and his body from being experimented on in Eisenwald Prison. In The New Colossus, Fergus loses his arm and is given a prostetic arm by Set Roth, but appears to malfunction on numerous occasions.

Below are the vitals purported to have been listed on website at some point in an early version of the website (for The New Order before its release c. 2013). The bio itself does appear in the Art of Wolfensten: The New Order (as well as in the Who's Who cards made for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus).

sex: Male
country (native)
height: 173 cm
weight: 62 kg
age: 53
Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Fergus Reid's childhood was defined by poverty and hardship. Early on, he developed a cynical outlook on life. Sarcasm became a tool finely honed for dealing with the cruelty of fate. At age 16, Fergus found a job at the Glasgow shipyard where he would remain until the depression of the 30's hit Scotland hard and he was made redundant. After years of scraping by, the war broke out and Fergus moved to Perth in central Scotland. There, he trained as an aviation mechanic before an alcohol induced bet got him promoted to airman.



Fergus is selfless, loyal, reliable, sarcastic, broken, haunted, bitter, old and in pain during his timeline. In 1946, he is seen praising his allies achievements on the battlefield and considering them young, crazy and dedicated. If chosen to be dissected, he agrees with B.J.'s decision and accepts his demise.


"I'm getting to old for this, Blazkowicz. Don't know how much longer I can keep doing this."
―Fergus in Chapter 7.

After losing the war to the Nazis, Fergus became self-loathing, grief-stricken, guilt-ridden, stressed and world-weary. Being in his fifties, Fergus felt his mortality, calling himself a "useless skeleton" to Blazkowicz. In addition, he worried for the future, knowing that him and B.J. were getting too old to "strap on the holsters" and couldn't lead the resistance forever. Despite this, he is still determined, reliable and loyal, aiding the resistance with all his strength. Fergus also appears to have a bickering relationship with Tekla, who is an overactive genius.

If chosen to be dissected, as the Prototype Robot, he tells B.J. he is sorry for he had no control over his actions, and begs him to end his suffering, as he cannot "live like this".


"I'm a bloody Wing Commander!"
―Fergus at BJ's 50th birthday party, before flying a helicopter while intoxicated inside Eva's Hammer.

Fergus shows himself to be aggressive, having heated arguments with Grace Walker. His timeline is more comedic than dramatic as Wyatt's, as he has to deal with his prosthetic arm fighting him for domination. Despite this, he still leads the group alongside Anya and appears to want a romantic relationship with Maria, but has a hard time expressing his feelings, needing the aid of Paris Jack at BJ's 50th birthday party. According to some Kreisau Circle members, especially women, they somewhat dislike his leadership due to his aggressive and foul-mouth nature. By the end of The New Colossus, Fergus shows himself to have composure, apologizing to Max for drawing a heart on his clothing.

For information on the related timeline weapon, see LaserKraftWerk#The New Colossus.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"Gotta respect a guy who can lose an arm and soldier on like it's nothing."
―BJ on Fergus on the Ausmerzer.[src]

Fergus showed himself to be an excellent commander, rallying troops during the first assault on Deathshead's Compound. He was a excellent pilot, taking Blazkowicz to variant locations across Germany and the American territories. Though not on par with BJ, Fergus is a skilled marksman and has high pain-tolerance, being able to kill two Nazi soldiers after losing his arm.


The New OrderEdit

"It's Okay, Blazko. This is a War: People Die. My Time is Up, That's All."
―Before being Lobotomized by Deathshead in 1946.
"Hellow maw. Thanks ever so much for the new socks. They're right warm and a snug fit. Yeah I'm doing well... Although this war has grown a little wearisome. Nothing much interest happen around these parts. Today I landed a helicopter an a nicked Nazi nuclear submarine aircraft carrier. After which I donned a deep water diving suit, swam down an abyssal trench in the middle of the Atlantic fucking Ocean. Don't mean to bore you with the details. Long story short I'm now standing inside a secret vault full of things so magical and abnormal in nature the mind has no recourse but to shudder in bewilderment. Course I'm accompanied by a Nazi killing lunatic and some kind of genius wizard who claims on a first name basis with God almighty himself. Ah well, we can only hope for a more stimulating turn of event in the future. Give my love for everyone back home. Fergus out."
―Fergus in Chapter 11.
"I'm getting too old for this, Blazkowicz. Don't know how much longer I can keep doing this."
―Fergus in Chapter 7.
"I don't know. Nothing, everything. It's about the boy, goddammit, Private Wyatt. He should be here instead of me. He was young, he ... he had potential. He could have given us a future. You and me we're ... two fucking mummies from the past. Running on nothing but willpower. "
―Fergus' speech about Wyatt in Chapter 7.
"Well, that's fucking obvious, isn't it? I was ready to die, I would have done it gladly. I worked my ass off to save that boy, Blazkowicz, and you fucking pissed it away on a whim."
―Fergus to Blazkowicz in Chapter 7.
"Remember Prendergast? That fucking kid, he could endure anything? Now he's gone. They're all fucking gone. And you're stuck with this useless fucking skeleton. I mean, tell men. What's the long-term solution, eh? Who's gonna take over when we're to damn battered to strap on the holsters anymore? Now get the fuck out, I need a nap."
―Fergus to B.J. in Chapter 7.

The New ColossusEdit

"Sacred hell, that smarts."
―Fergus to Set when fixing his lost arm.
"Please...Please help me. {...} I think she's trying to kill me, Blazko, that's what. Have you ever drifted off peacefully to sleep...only to be brutally awoken by your own prosthetic arm savagely...gubbing you in the eye? Had to turn her off."
―Fergus to B.J. on his prosthetic arm attacking him.
"Fuck you deceitful bitch! Stop it for the love of god! Ah, now I got you. Alright, everything's fine. Calm down, there's a good girl. There's a good girl."
―Fergus to his prosthetic arm attacking him once again.
"I don't know, lass. Can you?"
―Fergus' reply to Sigrun wanting to help B.J. and Bombate to New York.
"Maria...Ever since I saw you...I've been wanting to do this. This rose is a symbol of my good intention. I hope you'll consider going out with me?"
―Fergus to Paris Jack on trying to give a rose to Maria.
"I...have had...enough of you, you...stupid fucking!"
―Fergus smashing his prosthetic arm after his failed attempt to romance Maria.
"Are you trying to fucking kill me? {...} Why are you lot loitering around for, huh? Haven't we got a mission briefing to attend? The party's over, Blazko."
―Fergus after getting his cybernetic arm back after BJ's 50th birthday party



  • He often calls B.J. "Blazko" in both 1946 and 1960 timelines.
  • In his timeline, the player can collect small red statuettes of soldiers for health upgrades. Each upgrade adds 10 extra health points to the player's maximum health.
  • Upon obtaining a prosthetic limb, Fergus' new arm acts almost like Dr. Strangelove's arm from the film Doctor Strangelove.
  • In the quest to retrieve the keys to the archives from Wyatt (in Wyatt's timeline) during the second visit to the Kreisau Circle HQ, Wyatt says that Reid was a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force. However, the rank patch on his right sleeve is for a sergeant, not a Wing Commander, and his sleeves bear the patches of the Parachute Regiment, which is a part of the British Army, and not the RAF.
    • Given the desperate state of the war by 1946, it's not inconceivable he may have been transferred to the RAF with the acting rank of Wing Commander, given his piloting abilities, for the attack on Deathshead's Compound.
  • Alongside Blazkowicz, he has appeared in all three entries (only if chosen to be saved by him).
  • When Grace insults Fergus when they first meet each other, Fergus' mechanical arm flips her off. He claims that he has no control over the limb. Considering how recently he had received the limb, his claim may or may not be true.
  • As Fergus exact birthdate is not known it is not clear what age he is in Old Blood or The New Order. He is 53 in New Colossus, which takes place from June to August 1961. This would have made his birthdate around 1907 or 1908. While The New Order takes place in October to December, 1960. Depending on when his birthday is he could be 53 or 52 in the New Order, and 37 or 38 in The Old Blood.
  • According to B.J., Fergus seems to put rock or hard objects in his punching bag since B.J. hurts his hand when trying to punch its.

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