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A Flak Jacket

The Flak Jacket is an armor-boosting item found in Return to Castle Wolfenstein.


It supplies the player with 75 units of armor with a maximum of 100 units. Normally the armor takes 2/3 of the damage; both the flak jacket and the helmet add to the same armor pool (maximum of 100), that protects against shots to both head and body.


  • Mission 2 Part 1 - Given by Karl Villigut along with a Sten.
  • Mission 3 Part 2 - Shortly after entering the base, in the aid station guarded by 2 guards.
  • Mission 6 Part 3 - Before fighting against the Super Soldier, at the start of the level.


  • The armor can be stacked for effect. You could use 2 flak jackets to gain the max 100 units of armor.