Gates was a US Paratrooper during 1946. As a private, he took part in the assault on Deathshead's compound where he died opening the gates for his fellow soldiers.

History Edit

Private Gates participated in the assault on Deathshead's compound. On the way to Baker Island his plane was hit by flak and almost destroying the plane's engines. An explosion in the cockpit killed the pilot and almost caused the plane to crash which would have drowned him and his fellow troopers in the cargo bay, but another paratrooper, Probst Wyatt, managed to stable the plane long enough for Fergus Reid and B.J. to board.

When the plane crashes on the shore of Baker Island, Gates is separated from his team but manages to, somehow make it past the German trench line and past the Stomper. He is seen running through gunfire and regrouping with B.J's squad, to which Fergus comments on his attitude calling him "crazy and dedicated" before asking him to wind up a grapple hook to climb Deathshead's compound. He is the first to make it to the top of the wall but gets ambushed by a German soldier which he manages to kill. He passes away once apologizing to his commanders for letting his guard down.

Notes Edit

  • His name is ironic as he was killed in action while opening a gate for his fellow soldiers.