"Say no more. Nazi death weapon built by Nazis, run by Nazis and about to be covered in dead Nazis."
―Captain Wilkins at the end of Volume 1.[src]

Captain Gerald Wilkins was a renowned hero and captain in the United States Army. He became a resistance fighter after the Nazi occupation of the US. He traveled to Nazi-controlled Alaska to dismantle Operation Black Sun.[1]

He is an old-fashioned soldier with little enthusiasm toward technology.


"Back in the 30s, I was forced to enlist in the Army. Training was hell, but there was one thing that kept me going...My sweetheart Henrietta."
―Wilkins recalling his past in Volume 2.[src]

Born around the 1900s-1920s in his hometown Manhattan, Gerald Wilkins was forced to enlist in the United States Army in the 1930s. Despite brutal training, Wilkins was motivated by his sweetheart and lover Henrietta, who he states made him feel important. Gerald and Henrietta planed on marrying the day he got out of service, but it didn't happen and he never returned home because of the Second World War. Gerald never heard of Henrietta again and rose through the ranks of Captain, becoming a war hero. Wilkins saw America's lost against the German Empire in 1946, who bombed his hometown.

Stranded, Wilkins and his best friend and second-in-command Clive Cross formed the Scorpions as their goal was to kill as many Nazis before entering the Promise Land. Some members died or went missing as Wilkins stayed to himself during the 1950s. Wilkins was sent a message to return to the United States and stop "Black Sun", an operation in a Nazi-controlled Alaska. Stealing a Nazi sub, he set to Alaska and collected a pair of Kampfwanderer inside the U-boat.

The Amazing Deeds of Captain WilkinsEdit

"After twenty years, I was back in America. I had a mission. It was time to show these Nazis there's still fight left in this old dog."
―Wilkins' monologue in Volume 1.[src]

Wilkins traveled for twenty years to the Koadiak Island, Alaska to learn information on the Sonnengewehr. Wilkins infiltrates a Nazi base in Anchorage, collecting classified information and eventually being ambushed and held at gunpoint by Nazi soldiers. He is saved by his second-in-command Clive Cross and Ginny Williams who inform the captain that General Wolfgang Schwarz is throwing a party for the firing of the Sun Gun.

The three infiltrate the Nazi base as Captain Wilkins and Clive Cross prepare to destroy superguns as Ginny contacts via radio. The captain has a rough time with Ginny as he states her father should her taught her manners when speaking to a superior. After destroying the first gun, Gerald asks Ginny where Cross is as she states she hasn't heard from, asking him to check up on Clive. Gerald dismiss her and tells her that Clive sticks in the shadows as he wants to kill the Nazis head on, leading to Ginny to end the conversation with him stating she hanged up on him. Reaching to the second supergun, Clive reveals himself to be a Nazi spy and sends soldiers to kill him, with no success. Ginny informs Wilkins that Clive will fire at her position, leading to the captain to place a grenade into the missile.

Wilkins radios Cross and tells him does he remember Rome, leading to Clive to realize the meaning and attempts to stop the missile, to no anvil. Wilkins executes Cross after having last words with him and reunites with Ginny, who asks him is he ready to the submarine. Ready and stating he always ready to kill Nazis, Ginny argues with him and tells her that he's her daughter from Henrietta. Continuing on mission, Ginny tells him to be safe and he fights against the Nazis and makes it to General Schwarz. The general orders Wilkins to stand down as he has the gun pointed at Ginny, but Ginny radios to Gerald that she disabled all the satellites dishes in the area, allowing him to kill Schwarz. Wilkins kills Schwarz and reunites with Ginny, who asks him is he ready for another mission as the sun gun is still in orbit and a threat.


"Is everything about killing with you?"
―Ginny via radio to Wilkins.[src]

Captain Wilkins showed great enthusiasm in killing Nazis, much to the disapproval of his daughter Ginny. His one goal is to kill as many Nazis before dying on the battlefield, this changes once he learns that has a daughter. Gerald also shows little enthusiasm in technology, stating he doesn't know how it works to Ginny's enjoyment. An noticeable example is the radio gear, telling the specter (Ginny) to get out of his head, and wore them in the water, thinking they would protect his ears.

Abilities Edit

"These boots were made for walkin'. And killin'."
―Wilkins on the boots.[src]
  • Kampfwanderer: a special mechanical actuator system in a boots stolen by Wilkins that similar to the Battle Walker in the ability to extend the leg of user.

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  • His nickname is “The Butzemann” similar to BJ’s nickname “Terror-Billy” in that they are both names given to a legendary enemy of the Nazi regime
  • He uses a hatchet as his melee weapon with some takedown animations unique to him
  • He appears to have grey eyes, a very rare eye color
  • He appears to love cheeseburgers, stating this in the opening gameplay of Volume 1.
  • Wilkins is similar to B.J. Blazkowicz himself from The New Colossus, as both are US Military veterans in their old age, both have children, and kill Nazis with extreme brutality.


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