The German Alps Nightmare is the first accessable nightmare in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood found in the German Alps level. It is a remake of Episode 1/Floor 1, the intial escape from Castle Wolfenstein's dungeons.

The level is actually two levels in one, as finding the secret exit in the first half of the level will lead to an elevator which takes the player directly to the Episode 1 secret level. The regular elavator will just end the level early.

Accessing the nightmareEdit

To access the level, B.J. must pick up a key hidden on a desk at the checkpoint queue/line, and use it on a gate near the gondola. This leads to a stair case (and a level secret) which leads near the bottom of the Gondola and some bedding with a Wolf 3D poster, and a couple of bottles of wine with pixellated B.J. and wolf labels on it, indicating the access to the bonus level location. Moving near the bedding shows a icon with ZZZ symbol above it.