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The German Armed Forces (the Wolven League in the German version the Regime in the german version of the new order and the old blood) or the Nazi Armed Forces is the German government-sponsored defense, fighting forces, and organizations. They exist to further the foreign and domestic policies of their governing body to defend that body and the Nazi regime it represents from external aggressors. The Wehrmacht are shown to have rapidly expanded and grew stronger by the events of The New Order.

History Edit

The German term Wehrmacht generically describes any nation's armed forces, thus Britische Wehrmacht denotes "British Armed Forces."

The Frankfurt Constitution of 1848 (Paulskirchenverfassung) designated all German military forces as the German Wehrmacht, consisting of the Seemacht (sea force) and the Landmacht (land force).[14] In 1919, the term Wehrmacht also appears in Article 47 of the Weimar Constitution, establishing that: The Reich's President holds supreme command of all armed forces [i.e. the Wehrmacht] of the Reich ("Der Reichspräsident hat den Oberbefehl über die gesamte Wehrmacht des Reiches"). From 1919, Germany's national defense force was known as the Reichswehr, which name was dropped in favor of Wehrmacht on 16 March 1935. In modern day Germany the name Wehrmacht is considered a proper noun for the 1935–45 armed forces, and the term Streitkräfte means "armed forces"; however, this was not so even some decades after 1945. In English writing Wehrmacht is often used to refer specifically to the land forces (army); the correct German for this is Heer.


  • Wehrmacht
    • Heer (Army)
    • Luftwaffe (Air Force)
    • Kriegsmarine (Navy)
    • Afrika Korps

Games Edit

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Edit

The Wehrmacht appears in RtCW in the Campaign and Multiplayer modes. They face William Joseph B.J. Blazkowicz in the Campaign, and against the U.S Army in the Multiplayer mode.

The New Order and The Old BloodEdit

In the Old Blood, the Wehrmacht have had great success by 1946, having repulsed the Anglo-American invasion of Normandy, a relaunched (or continued Africa campaign), a defeat of the American Navy in the pacific and the continued hammering of the Soviet Red Army on the Eastern Front, as well as conquering all of Western Europe and Eastern (including their own allied states). By 1947, they are able to conquer the British Isles and by 1948 defeat America with the dropping of the Atom Bomb. During the late forties and early fifties, the Wehrmacht have successfully conquered much of Eastern and Western Asia, as well as forcing Japan to become a puppet state after the Imperial Army of Japan's defeat by the Republic of China.

Afterwards they appear in the 1960s timeline, with significantly more advanced equipment due to the Nazis' world domination and exploitation of Da'at Yichud technology. The Wehrmacht appear to have fallen under the influence of the Schutzstaffel almost entirely by 1960, with the possibility that the Heer and Waffen-SS have been integrated further. However despite their otherwise global success, the Wehrmacht have been stalled in Africa (since at least 1946, as mentioned in a letter found in the prologue).

List of Appearances Edit

Sources Edit

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